Lift Your Spirit

Celebrating before the victory is evident? Who does that?

When it looks like the flood waters of life are just about to drown you and the current of the tide is pulling you down further and deeper … and all you can call out is your desperate plea of help … you choose to declare the definitive words of ‘Praise You, GOD!”

A confident child that trusts her Father will meet her right where she is and commune with her in that place where no one else sees or dares to go … that’s who does that. She knows His track record … He’s never ever missed a beat … He’s always showed up, showed off and amazed the socks off of her.

She has experienced His Faithfulness to answer her every cry. Time after time she has watched Him do the unimaginable in response to her tear-filled prayers through the darkest nights. When she thought all was lost and others told her to just fold her cards and give up … she hung in there and declared the breakthrough was on its way.

And at the perfectly unexpected moment, He did arrive.

Let Hope rise up in your soul, Sister. It may be bleak right now … but when you least expect it, the Light will pierce the darkness and you will experience His Presence in your world.

Praise Him as if your words were decorating the entryway with joy and gladness before He steps through the halls of your circumstances. Because you know He will. He always does.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Bryan and Katie Torwalt and Brock Human for this.


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