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Healing From Your Past: “Jesus Heals Your Deepest Wounds”~ Better Together TV episode

Pain is something that we have all experienced — it’s a common thread that we can relate to. Part of the healing process is to speak it out, take the bandage off the wound and let the Healer do a miraculous work through it. It’s far too easy to hide behind the guise of having […]

“Making Changes That Stick Will Require That We First Get Unstuck”

When you invite the Sovereign GOD that created you and knows all about you and your life into a conversation that starts off, “Lord show me what I’m not seeing about me that needs to change …” that says you’re willing to make changes. You admit that what you’re presently doing isn’t working and you’re […]

“When It Feels Like You’ve Done All and Nothing Seems to Be Working”

It’s that time of year and the popular phrase: “‘Tis the reason for the season’ is spoken, dropped, hung, written, posted, meme’d, texted, printed on mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps and tote bags. But I want to ask you today: “What season are you in?” Perhaps it’s a season of: fatigue, worry, anxiety, restlessness, fear, doubt, […]