Thirty Seconds Thursday

It’s still early enough in the year to commit to doing something positively impactful and allow it to become a new good habit. Lean in a bit closer and let me share what’s on my heart with you … perhaps it’s something that you may have been considering as well. People. Other people, to be […]

“Eliminating the Regret of Wishing You Had Prepared for the Unforeseen Storm”

It’s finally fall out here in our neck of the woods — the last bit of summer has left us and the temperatures are relatively mild now. It’s nearly perfect outdoors. Not too cool, certainly not too warm. This in-between season gives us some reprieve before the winds begin to howl and the dry air […]

“Space for Grace — When Disagreements Are Unsolicited Learning Opportunities”

Most of us prefer the harmony of peace and calm. I haven’t met too many folks who would willingly invite daily drama into their space. Chaos is far too distracting and costs us precious time in trying to silence the noise and wrangle the wild. So, when I find myself in the midst of conflict, […]