Legacy ~~ what do I want to leave behind?  What do I want imprinted as my epitaph?

It may sound corny to some, but this gal desires to leave the imprint of lives well touched by love that connected them to their Savior.  I didn’t always have a circle of Girlfriends ~~ in fact, growing up, my heart ached to have close friendships ~~ other Girlfriends with whom I could just be real and raw and unashamedly transparent.  I grew up trying to figure out how to hide my emotions and kept it all neatly tucked inside me.

As an adult, I advocate change by choice!  But how do you be a friend when you’ve not been taught how to extend yourself?  Not to mention the wealth of insecurities that have been well honed in an effort to protect oneself from being revealed?  

It is my heart’s desire to be a bridge builder ~~ connector of people ~~ change agent ~~ so that other women can live more fully and confidently equipped as they walk closer to The Lord, and embrace the women in their path that are there to teach and mentor them along the Journey.

TitusTwoTraining is about that!  Devoting time through relational mentoring to the women ‘coming up behind me.’

Join me as I begin to embark on this work of faith!