“Mom’s Job Description”

There is no book, class, well meaning family member, or friend that can ever prepare you for the roller coaster ride you embark on as a mother.

The joys of a new baby to the endless sleepless nights that don’t go away as they grow older. Regardless of age, they will always be your child and any mom’s worry. You celebrate their triumphs and cry at their heartbreaks. You will want to fix things and make them right, however, that is not God’s plan. 

A mother’s job is to teach independence through God’s word and following His way. That may mean standing back and letting them fail (some of them many times). 

Never compromise your principals, even when your heart is breaking.

You are not a failure just because what you dreamed would be didn’t come to fruition. Trust God and never stop praying. Love your children for who they are; at their best and worst. Just as Christ loves you. Don’t worry what someone else’s kid is doing or what others say is right. Your child is special just as they are. Be proud and tell them so daily. Find something to praise; show respect. God does.

Each child is unique, there is no mold. Do your best. Rely on the Lord for wisdom and support. God will hold you up through the rough times, and be sure to celebrate the triumphs. Christ will provide strength as each milestone comes that puts your child closer to leaving home and embarking on their own journey you have so wonderfully prepared them for by showing love and teaching God’s word.   

                                  YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOM – NEVER FORGET THAT – GOD DOESN’T.

M-Mighty warrior in Christ. mom, mommy, maid, mess cleaner, merciful, manager of the schedule, maker of the meals.

O-Obedient to the will of God. objective, of value, onlooker, one-of-a-kind, other-centered, on guard at all times.

T-True to His Word. tough, teacher, thankful, trustworthy, trials, tears, tenacious, trouble-shooter

 H-Has Christ to hold on to. helpful, hero, homebuilder, human, handy, healer, heartaches, honest, happy

 E-Ever-present for her children. exhausted, endearing, elated, ever vigilant, eager to help, energetic

  R-Relies on God. resilient, rescuer, responsible, rewarding, referee, realistic, reliable, reasonable


About Cheryl Shaylor:

Cheryl is a mom of three and adopted mom to many of her children’s friends. A registered nurse for 23 years and lives in California.  She finds joy in gardening, cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Cheryl is a firm believer in living out the compassion of Christ in her relationships with others.

On a personal note:

I’ve had the sweetest pleasure of working alongside Cheryl in Women’s ministries at our church. For the many years that I’ve known her, Cheryl has always gone out of her way to bring the sincere warmth that is nestled in her heart and share it in authentic acts of friendship to everyone in her sphere of influence.  Cheryl is genuine in her labor of love.

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  1. Cheryl ~~ it IS so hard to “stand back” and allow the consequences of our children’s decisions befall them. Had someone told me that years ago, I probably would not have believed that such a thing could even happen. But we, moms, also have to learn that we eventually MUST “let go.” Another hard pill to swallow! Thank you for your encouragement and honesty.


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