Our children will also serve him. Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord. His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born. They will hear about everything he has done.

Psalm 22:30-31 NLT

For those of you new to this blog site, or if you’re wondering the connection between the passion that drives this bridge builder and its Reader, it’s all about Legacy.

“What do you want your future generations to know?”

And not necessarily about you per se, but what bit of information do you treasure that you want to intentionally leave behind?

I’ve written about this numerous times in the past, but it seems that enough could never be said. Maybe it’s my preoccupation with wanting to right the future, because of the wrongs I’ve experienced in my own past. The wrongs that were committed against me and also the wrongs I’ve committed towards others. Possibly to safeguard ~~ protect ~~ immunize ~~ equip ~~ forewarn … the Ones coming up behind me.


I want to give.

In my lifetime, I’ve come to the deep appreciation and realization that giving isn’t always about material things. The stuff that clutters our lives also snuffs out life.

Rather, I want to give that which I know will go beyond this planetary life and into eternity.


Wherever there is hope there is life ~~ and in that hope is the Spirit of the Living Christ.

No academics needed here. No meditational prescriptions. No formulaic rules for perfect living.

Humility unlocks the possibility for hope to penetrate and permeate the human soul. No matter how we evaluate our seemingly hopeless situations.


If perfect love casts out all fear, why are we still fearful?

Could it be that we cling so tightly to the familiarity of the comfort zones and daily rituals that we slam shut the door to love? Transparency ~~ Authenticity ~~ Honesty ~~ I have discovered that these qualities are founded in purity. A pure heart and spirit that only God has transformed.

True Friendships are built upon these virtues.


My deepest desire is that my BabyGirl, Zoë will have these timeless treasures in her tool belt. Of course, alongside the many, many other virtues and characteristics of a Christ-Follower, I pray (as I have been since before she was born) that her heart is tender towards others. In being soft and kind, I pray that her sweet personality is tender and compassionate when she encounters others along her life’s Journey ~~ that she will genuinely embrace and encourage, uplift and support others that may be in pain.


As adults, we wrestle long and hard with this ~~ too often we lose the battle. The throat becomes sore from constantly swallowing the pride that prevents forgiveness from being absorbed into our bloodstream. We forget that the blood of Christ has made it possible to forgive, and that His Blood is what flows through the transformed Believer. Transforming blood that makes forgiveness more than just a possibility ~~ but a reality. The bridge-builder to broken connections, it restores and replaces where human efforts have worn thin and disintegrated.


Spending time with this tiny creation of God always brings me to my knees (not just because she’s still toddling around), in gratitude to Him for allowing me to experience my granddaughter. Living three time zones away, my heart pounds with desire to be closer in proximity so I can be there to watch her daily development. Lōlie (her word for me) wants to be there to partake in BabyGirl’s firsts. I want to let her see my thankfulness for having the richness of this Blessing ~~ just basking in playful moments can satisfy a grandmother’s heart beyond description. And to be thankful to God for all Gifts is the heart of worship.

Girlfriend, the generations behind you may not be through biological or DNA connections ~~ the Ones entrusted to you to mentor and nurture, these are the precious Ones to whom we leave our Legacy. For these are those whom God has foreordained to also teach us about Who He is.

As women known to God and who KNOW God as The Father, we have responsibilities to teach the younger Ones (they could be chronologically older) in The Lord of His Grace and Mercy. This equips them to impact the Ones in their immediate sphere of influence. However He has equipped us ~~ specific talents and skills ~~ we are to glorify Him by using them for His Purpose. His Purpose for us to brings others closer to Christ and help them grow.

So I ask you as this year draws to a close …

“What Legacy are you leaving behind for the Ones coming up behind you?”

Let us all carefully examine our motives and call upon The Holy Spirit for Wisdom and Understanding ~~ discernment to speak and respond to His Leading.

So that we might also lead.

For the sake of the Ones coming up behind us.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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