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Answers to life’s questions … where do we seek them? Most especially the ones concerning ‘who’ we are and ‘how’ do we best do what we’re meant to do …

I find that to understand what something / someone is suited for, I have to look at where those original blueprints came from — Who was the Architect and Master Designer. That is where I will likely find the answers to more than just my superficial questions.

If you’re like me, we look in the mirror and think, “why do I ___________________?” It may be an introspective query regarding responses, behaviors, choice of words … how we relate to others … how we perceive ourselves. Often, it follows a negative experience — disappointment in our own performance, breakdown of relationships, rejection by others, death of a dream …

When I picked up Robin Melvin’s book, “Uncover Your Divine Design,” I had a feeling that she was going to address some of those questions by pointing me to my Creator and helping me to see what He sees and how all things work together for good — even when I can’t immediately see, or if what I’m looking at is from my redeemed past.

Robin carefully crafted her book to guide her reader by encouraging dialogue — even if it’s solo and only GOD is listening. She provides probing questions and gives her reader the opportunity to reflect throughout her book.

I walk away smiling … nodding … taking firm mental notes … occasionally sharing with a bite or two with a friend who is struggling. But closer, much closer to the Lord … and seeing Him in all those hard places, unmentionable events, ugly-face-crying sessions, dark corners … there’s purpose in those moments and only He can redeem all of it in a beautiful way. That’s hope.

Robin, if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Your style of delivery is warm and inviting and you have found a friend in a fellow writer. Lead the way, Sister, keep making Him known the way you do. You are mighty with that pen in your hand.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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