“Stop In The Name Of Love!”

No, I won’t invite you to sing along with me … I know you know the words …

I have a confession to make: when mama is on a ‘mission,’ nothing gets in her way. I rush here and there to accomplish what is on my to-do list and with much zeal and enthusiasm.

I am such a doer, that when I set my mind to accomplish a task, I am on it until I am satisfied with the results.  That can be both a good or bad thing ~~ anyone out there relate to my insanity? Just slap me a high five, Girlfriend!

Borderlining between perfectionist and people-pleaser, I have this internal hard-drive that has one setting: moving! If I’m not moving, producing, organizing, mapping ~~ I’m asleep!

And of course (and this statement is hummed to the tune of sarcasm) I’m always on the right track … 🙅🏻not!

Let’s revisit our Scripture verse ~~

The first few words are a hard look in the mirror: I considered my ways …  Well, as I know me to be me, (and we all know that God knows us even better) and I stop to consider my ways, (especially at the prompting of the Holy Spirit), I have no recourse but to confess that I’m not always on the right track. It may indeed be “my track,” but it’s not the track that God desires of me. And what derailed me? My ways …

The next few words reinforce my need to reset: and turned my feet to follow and obey your testimonies … The mere fact that I had to make that turn is the indicator I was headed the wrong direction. But let’s examine this a bit closer, shall we? The turning of my feet is an act of willful obedience … And it’s accompanied by what I should be following: God’s Testimonies. Something tells me that if I need to be told to do something, that means I’m certainly not doing it at the present moment.

The closing part of the verse strikes me at the heart of my personality: I hurried and did not delay. My “life’s mascot” (if you will) is the turtle. I’ve always (and here’s where the term can truly be used without regret) been a turtle: slow to eat, slow to understand concepts, slow to comprehend matters that others seem to grasp with such speed. But like my friend the turtle, I’m eventual. I may not get there when y’all do, but I will arrive. 

My tendency to move with such slowness is fueled by my persistent need to be exact the first time (I don’t like do-overs). So I’ll examine a project and strive to get it perfect with my first attempt. This is all fueled by pride. And we all know that pride goes before the fall ~~ so I even fall slowly. And even in falling I try not to be seen too conspicuously (that’s a whole other piece). Nonetheless, our scripture verse says: I hurried and did not delay to keep your commandments. Seriously, I’m guilty of not always rushing out to fulfill what God wants of me ~~ I get that all messed up and often think that what is rummaging through my head is always God’s Will. 🙅🏻not! 

Doing His Will ~~ with ambition, enthusiasm, zeal, sincerity of heart ~~ those are the things that I must focus on. And what is the Will of God? His Commandments ~~ His Teachings ~~ all found in His Word.

Does He have a specific Plan for me and you? Yes, He most certainly does, Girlfriend! We are not robots that are mindless and heartless  ~~ created in His Image, we have feelings and emotions and personalities that are gifted for His Purpose. And so we truly should be seeking His Will to direct all these talents and passions and gifts ~~ we are Purposed.

Let’s take a pause break here, Girlfriend, and examine our hearts ~~ that’s where we’ve tucked our Agendas ~~ and lift them up to The One Who Created them ~~ and offer it all up to Him as a living sacrifice of worship.

And if there be need to make a U-turn, then it’s up to us to do so … Will You (re)Turn without delay or hesitation?

I pray a most glorious and productive day for you, Girlfriend ~~ and if I could be a helper to you this day, if you are in need for this Community of Girlfriends to envelope you in loving prayer for whatever the need, please let us know. That’s what Girlfriends are for!

I love you to Heaven and Back ~~


T2T Visionary

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