“In The Heat Of It All.”

Some of the most amazing things happen when it’s hot.

See these spectacular blooms? They only appear in the heat of summer ~~ in fact, the hotter the better and the longer the conditions are such, the more “willing” they are to exhibit their beauty.

As I was taking my stroll through the garden to soak it all in, it occurred to me that God allows for us to also experience some heat ~~ spiritual heat ~~ to help us grow. Without the occasional heat of life experiences we would not have the blessed opportunity to develop godly character ~~ a sort of “dressed rehearsal” for when the need arises. 

But the ability to have a character trait that is seldom used is of no use; what then was the purpose for the growing pains and the heat? We are called to “act,” Girlfriend ~~ faith without works is dead.

Recognizing a Purposed Moment or opportunity is a sign of maturity. As you reflect back over the life experiences you’ve encountered, you will see a pattern. You will see how these experiences have shaped your personality. The pattern of encounters is God-directed for His Plan to develop you for His Purpose ~~ should you choose to serve Him according to His Will for your life. 

You are the way you are as you choose to respond to His Calling you out ~~ even in the heat of it all.

God does not place us in the deserts of our lives to punish or cast us aside for any period of time ~~ sometimes we go there on our own, as a result of poor decisions or disobedience. In those instances, the heat will cause us to thirst for His righteousness ~~ and hopefully we come to our senses.

And then there are those times ~~ when we “delay” obeying God’s Call ~~ whether out of what we consider “inconvenience” or simply “I’m-not-ready” thinking ~~ what then has become of the precious growing pains in the heat? What has happened to our learning experiences?

I’ll be the first in line to admit that I’ve often asked God: “why the heat?” Only to later confess: “I needed that.” But all this has come over time, Girlfriend, a lot of time. 

Sometimes I simply have to walk out there in the heat of it all and just keep communing with God during my Journey ~~ I wipe my brow and just keep going. Do I know how long the heat will last? No. Do I see signs and signals that heat is on its way? Of course not. This is when faith and trust in Him Who Calls you out is ignited ~~ and the fire heats up your passion to serve Him as He develops you.

When it gets hot, your thirst will increase ~~ drink from the Well of Living Water, Girlfriend. He is sure to quench that need and satisfy you completely ~~ even in the heat of it all.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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