“In Its Time.”

I picked these blooms just minutes ago ~~ and it always strikes me how marvelous the Works of God are all around us ~~ including the ones we seemingly overlook.

When I’m out in the garden, whispers of the Power of God speak to my heart ~~ scripture verses about seasons and purpose echoed within me as I took my little stroll today.

Admiring the grandeur of the color palette that showcased before me, I couldn’t help but feel a bit ‘selfish,’ wishing that such a spectacular sight would be available to enjoy year round.  I know the seasons give the garden her sabbath ~~ I realize she, too, must take her rest ~~ and that caused me to pause in my tracks and reflect.

In its time … Yes, God makes things purposeful in its time … Which is according to His Timetable.  I must admit, Girlfriend, that’s not always easy for me to swallow.  Anyone out there relate? (Please throw me a high five 🖐🏽 and let me know I’m not alone in my tho’ts.)

As a mom, I’ve lived the majority of my life planning, scheduling, orchestrating, preparing, mapping, etc. … And hollering out to the rest of the participating world “get on board with me if you’re IN!”  Funny, our personal agendas just take us there and we spin our days, weeks, months, and years … 

Quite often, God has called me and my agenda to a screaming halt ~~ stopping me dead in my footsteps (you could hear the screeching of my workout shoes) ~~ to draw attention to His Timetable ~~ the burning of the rubber beneath my feet and the skid marks left in the dust are usually evidence of  the abruptness of the Love of God towards me.  Yes, I now view the arm coming down at the railroad tracks as God’s Love extending out to me in Protection.

He has a better Plan.  

And when He says His Ways are not my ways, I get it ~~ for all the mistakes and blunders I’ve live through as a result of my own doings, I’m surprised I’m still alive to testify to it! 

That’s grace. That’s mercy. That’s love.

I’m learning, Sister, to confidently trust Him ~~ the Only One True God ~~ for the Perfect Timing to all things ~~ and through all things.  I will continue to strive and not merely survive ~~ for He has Purposed my life and all the happenings within it to be of use to the Glory of His Kingdom.

Did you know that the same is for you?  For all that you are presently experiencing ~~ the good stuff, the bad stuff, the ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-make-of-this’ stuff ~~ God has a wonderful plan to use all of that.

But you have to open up that tender hand of yours ~~ let go of whatever is in there (even if you truly believe it is from God ~~ He can multi-task) and let Him have it to bring to its fullest in your life.  He may not take it away from you ~~ He may choose to simply transform you and cause you to handle it / use it / think of it / serve with it ~~ differently.  

It will be made full in its time.  And you will never be the same. 

I pray that whatever The Lord has called you to do on this planet, that you do well to the Glory of His Name.  

Loving you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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