God. Is. Good.

I am awestruck at the majesty of creation ~~ and even more that I have the privilege to experience it eyes wide open.  The garden speaks to me of the indescribable love of God.

To think on the fact that such beauty can be soaked in through the human eyes ~~ to inhale the heavenly scent of petals and blooms all around me ~~ no artist’s palette nor chemist formula can come remotely close to resembling such grandeur.

And yet, I can sit in the midst of it all ~~ and without having to beg or plead for the opportunity ~~ it takes my breath away!

What an honour!

The Holy Spirit whispered this verse to me as I tiptoed amongst the trees and flowers ~~ as He so often does ~~ comforting my spirit.  It’s been a rough few days. 

But God …..

Is amazing!

He restores my soul ~~ lifts my head ~~ and renews my strength.  I prayed this morning to cast all my care upon Him ~~ and as I spoke each care and concern at His Feet, I asked God for the Strength to leave it there.

Yes, my God is amazing ~~ He cares intimately for me ~~ and He does the same for you, Girlfriend.  He calls us right where we are, backs bent from carrying the loads He wants to take from us.  He beckons us to let Him have it all.  How amazing and sweet is that?!

I pray that you know this relationship ~~ it is my heart’s desire that you know Him Who loves you with all power of heaven and earth (because they belong to Him) ~~ He designed them and He designed you.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~ 


T2T Visionary

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