“… and be thankful for what has come …”

This is hard for me to swallow today.

In fact, I waited until late enough in the day to scribble this ~~ to avoid the tears and pain that today has brought.

And yet, God says WHAT?!  Be thankful for what has come ~~ ugh!

Feelings of gut-wrenching pain as your first-born and only daughter packs up her house and moves with her husband 2,500 miles away, taking with her your first unborn grandchild.  Yes, Girlfriend, it just down right rips your heart in two.  No matter how much I’ve asked God for a “change in plans,” His Ways were certainly not my ways ~~ nor His Thoughts my thoughts.  

I. Must. Trust. 

And even as I reach out and CRY out ~~ He remains ever present with me.  No doubt, this is all beyond my limited human understanding ~~ and He knows that ~~ and He knows the agony and pain I feel …

I. Must. Continue. To. Trust.

So that all people will know what and Who I represent ~~ that I reflect what it looks like to walk in His Footsteps.

Today I will pray without ceasing ~~ today I will not be anxious ~~ today I will let Him hear my requests.

Today He will watch over my heart and mind.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~




  1. I read this post through wet eyes….I hurt for you. I have no words to make it better, BUT GOD does. And what would any of us do without HIM to lean on? Continuing to pray that He will draw you close. xoxo


    1. Jackie ~~ Sister, how timely is Our Lord ~~ that He should allow me to set eyes on this AFTER my post today (which almost seems like a ‘response’). I know you know me well, Girlfriend, as you have been here with me all these years ~~ and just in THAT God provides His Comfort and Peace (through friendships). I’m learning day by day that while He may have GREATER purpose for our human pain, it’s always for His Glory ~~ and so I must adjust my thinking and believe that in some things He chooses to change me instead of my circumstances. I (((hug))) you tightly, Girlfriend, because I know you understand this (and so much more).


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