This summer I’m Leading a small group Bible Study within our Ladies’ Ministries at Church.  Last night as I was processing my Assignment, there was the reminder about Adam and Eve’s attempt to hide from The Lord after they had sinned.  As I was opening up my Bible this morning, the daily verse from Jeremiah was staring me in the face.

“Ok, Lord, You’ve got my attention …”

So then I must ask myself: “Am I hiding anything from God?”

Of course, my first reaction is: “How in the world is THIS possible?! God knows me ~~ what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I will do ~~ hiding is impossible!

Then I just “exhaled” and allowed The Holy Spirit to minister to my heart ❤️…

As my Study Assignment revealed, there are tendencies in all of us to hide within the confines of our insecurities.  And I knew the Author of the Study had me in mind when she mentioned a previous Study which I personally had led a few years ago that specifically addressed the topic of women and our insecurities.  

Like an onion, I sat back as The Lord peeled through the layers upon layers upon layers ~~ of stuff ~~ that I have been hiding inside of me, about me, and even from me (yes, I even try to ‘not see’ certain things ~~ another word for it is: ‘denial’).  And just like a response to an onion, I began to tear up.

Adam and Eve are well known for their fig leaf attempt at covering up a mess ~~ sin ~~ and thinking that God will “overlook” the “new wardrobe.”  And of course, as New Testament women, we view that as futile and maybe even ridiculous, right?!  But have we stopped to consider how we go out of our way to conceal the “flaws” that beguile our souls ~~ those tormenting behaviors that seemingly (and embarrassingly flow out naturally) have become part of who we are?

I will admit right here and now ~~ and those who know me but still love me won’t toss any pebbles my way ~~ those ugly insecurities still plague me; maybe not as bad as before, nonetheless, they’ve hung around and will rear their awful heads to get the best of me at times.

But as I worked through my Assignment last night, it was a different revelation on this topic of insecurities.  In this context, I am forced to see that I am hiding not only inside my insecurities but keeping them from The Lord as well.

Awrighty … now there’s something I hadn’t considered.

Could it be … just maybe … the reason why my load seems heavy these days?  Do I not think I’m significant enough that He is “concerned” about my woes?  

Speaking strictly for myself, I am one who tends to think that God has a lot going on in the world to be bothered by my insignificant trials.  After all, there are people dying in the streets, families and relationships being torn to shreds, children being sold into slavery, and refugees in every corner of the world.  Not that I ever doubted God’s desire handle it all, but … 

I just don’t value me that way … anyone relate?

Here’s the kicker …

His Love can handle it all, Girlfriend! ❤️

And all at the same time.  With the same intense love for us all, regardless of our particular situation ~~ He’s got us covered so that we don’t have to hide.

Our human fig leaf attempt at cover ups and concealing our shortcomings and sin are no match for the eternal love of God in Christ Jesus.  

He wants our transparency, Girlfriend ~~ so that we can totally experience Him in all aspects of our lives. This is the freedom in Christ if we have chosen it.

In another week, we will be commemorating our nation’s independence.  Consider the opportunity that we, as women in Christ, have to celebrate our freedom in Him ~~ freedom from hiding and concealing ~~ living in the openness of His forgiveness and love and strength.  To be able to exhale and receive all that we need, including the courage to live in transparency.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary 

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