“For The Ones Coming Up Behind You …”

I want to tell you, “Yes, go do it! Don’t over-think this, stop over-analyzing, cease asking for everyone else’s feedback on it — just GO DO IT!”

What advice would you tell your younger self?

So many times I look back at the time wasted by my own demise.

I’m sure that we all have our share of regrets from yesteryear. Depending on how long you have walked this earth, some of us have more to talk about. Nonetheless, we have one thing in common: Wishing that we could have done some things differently.

As a child, I was raised to be very self-aware. Mistakenly, I took that to the furthest end of the spectrum and became an overly cautious adult. This translated into a lifestyle of paralysis from too much analysis. Worrying about what others think (primarily what they would think about me), anxious about the perfect outcome for every scenario. It can be very taxing and burdensome — not just for you, but for everyone in your sphere (thank you, family, for putting up with me).

In the day when I am afraid, I will trust in You. Psalms 56:3 MEV

I would tell my younger self to:

  • Pray– immediately take whatever is keeping me up at night to The Lord and place it on the altar.
  • Listen — for The Holy Spirit to ‘whisper’ through His Word (spoken, written, active) to confirm my move (which could also be to move over).
  • Trust — that if GOD has called me to ‘go and do’ that even in the absence of ‘details,’ I will trust His Plan.
  • Let go — of the weight of mistakes, setbacks, defeat, failure (they occupy the space where vision and dreams reside).

I want to comfort my younger self: “You will make mistakes all throughout your lifetime. Ask GOD for forgiveness, then forgive yourself. Tame that perfectionistic will and subject it to GOD for His Perfect Will. Avoid the mistake of inactivity. When GOD puts an idea in your mind, it’s an instant topic for conversation — with Him. So go there, before you call on your friends and family about it. Then prep and suit up, because it will be time to move.

I would gently hold her face in my hands and softly say, “He will make a way for every Assignment He will give you. Don’t make room for doubt (it doesn’t belong in your tool belt). Strengthen up for a courageous fight to push through the walls of challenge. Keep your legs firm because you will have to stand your ground.”

And keep reciting His Word of TRUST.

Unfortunately, not all of us have had someone in our lives to mentor and guide us through the ugly-cry-face-moments of life. But that doesn’t prevent us from being a blessing to someone moving forward. Could it be that the same bit of advice that we would impart to our ‘younger self,’ would be appropriate to share with a stranger?

Do you hear her footsteps behind you? She may be secretly following you — wishing to be obscure in the shadows of your confident silhouette, she hides behind a façade of laughter and smiles — both of which are transparent, revealing blurred images of pain, hurt and disappointment. You can detect her faint sighs in the not-so-far-off-distance as you hear occasional trips and falls — her footing is as insecure as her personality. Her spirit is deeply fragile and the wounds (some fresh, some scabbed) are visible from beneath her desperate attempt to conceal them. She may occasionally pass you up along the pathway, hardly making eye contact, but she wants to be seen by you — she is desperately hungry for your embrace and understanding.

Girlfriend, will you reach out to her — even if for a moment to make eye contact and acknowledge her — let her know she is not invisible (especially to an Omnipresent GOD) — but that she is lavishly loved to heaven and back by One Who refers to her as His Masterpiece?

She may not know The One Who Loves her with a passion to die for her — but that’s the beauty of your presence. Your gift to her is your reassuring love — you carrying the Treasure within you, the Message that only you can convey to her in the manner she will receive that GOD will care for her if she trusts in Him with her everything.

Who in your life (not in your immediate family) do you feel The Holy Spirit ‘whispering’ to you to invite beneath the care of your mentoring wings? Write her name down and lift her up in prayer. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you regarding connection and next steps. It’s easy to pull up a seat to someone already established in your household or in your biological bloodline. But there’s more effort and risk involved when GOD stretches you to ‘go.’

Allow me to gently nudge you a bit (feel my hand upon your shoulder — it’s massaging it and getting it ready for the one behind you who needs your shoulder to cry and lean upon). Turn around, Sister … she is not far off.

Likewise, older women should be reverent in behavior, and not be false accusers, not be enslaved to much wine, but teachers of good things, Titus 2:3 MEV

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwoVisionary

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