Lift Your Spirit

This was indeed one of the most celebrated songs of the ’80’s for those of us who were rejoicing over their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Churches were adopting and adding to their repertoire of traditional hymns the sound of soul-deep music with lyrics that just seemed to resonate with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

From this era, emerged some of the most and best loved songs, this song, “El Shaddai,” being one of those.

Keeping it simple, El Shaddai means, “God Almighty.” This was how GOD ‘introduced’ Himself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Digging deeper into the Hebrew origins of the word, there are connotations and references to ‘breast’ — which can be likened to the endearing way that GOD holds you close; as in the manner that a mother embraces her infant in a loving and protective manner. There are also references to ‘mountains’ — which can be interpreted to represent ‘strength and power;’ the very character of GOD in His ability to meet our every provision for life and need for protection, regardless of what we may encounter.

As you step back into time with me, close your eyes and listen carefully to the words as Amy Grant sings. There is a phrase within the song, ” … Erkamka na Adonai …” When I researched this, I found the meaning to be outstanding: “I love you, Lord, my strength.”

Sometimes it just feels like no one understands. We plop our tired selves down on the curb of discouragement and disappointment, reeling in doubt and despair. Maybe the words, “How much longer, Lord, must it be this way?” have crossed your mind and even fell from your lips. I’ll join you in the lineup, Sister … I’ve been there many times, too.

It’s okay to ask Him — it’s one of those great conversation-starters to what we typically call prayer.

Take this moment to quiet your soul and let GOD know what you need Him to be El Shaddai for you today — take your time; He’s been waiting for you to call so He’s ready to commune with you.

Whatever your situation is right now, Sister, I pray that you will experience El Shaddai to meet you right there. Smack in the middle of it all. Don’t bother trying to clean it up before He shows up. He won’t be impressed with how well you tidy up. Rather, make the space … invite GOD Almighty to join you, meet your need and hold you close.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Amy Grant for this.

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