Lift Your Spirit

It’s no secret that we are living miracles. In fact, it’s a sweet lil’ miracle that we woke up to see this today.

When you consider the potential for a bazillion things that could’ve befallen us in the middle of the night, GOD graced us with another day. So undeserving! Yet, in His love He gave me another opportunity to take a breath and see the sky and hear the birds that fly through it. I can walk into my yard, take a deep breath to enjoy the sweetness of the florals that surround me. Standing in the grass that I struggled to walk in just a handful of years ago — I’m feeling the grass beneath my feet.

The scars of times past are subtle reminders of what You have brought me through. Tough as they were — You held me in Your Arms when I wept thinking that I couldn’t get to the next day. When pain plagued my heart and the brokenness seemed unbearable — when others walked away, You never left me. You even stayed up with me when I cried myself to sleep. Fearful of what the next day would bring, You covered me in comfort and peace..

I could live a million years and not account for every miracle You’ve blessed me with. But I guess that’s what eternity will be like … thanking You for all those miracles.

Let this song settle in on the mere fact your life is a miracle.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Elevation Worship and Maverick City for this.


  1. Oh how I praise GOD for the encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting words you write day after day, Linda! Thank you! And the songs you choose fill my heart & spirit and this song reminded me that, yes, it is truly a miracle – His miracle – that I am alive today (remind me to tell you THAT story one day, my sweet sister)!! Our lives are filled with a series of a million little miracles 🙌🏻
    Which is why the way you ended this blog is spectacular: “I could live a million years and not account for every miracle You’ve blessed me with. But I guess that’s what eternity will be like … thanking you for all those miracles.”
    AMEN, Sister, AMEN!! We will certainly need eternity to thank Him for ALL His miracles – big and small!! Oh what a glorious day that will be, right??
    Thank you for following your dream & His calling for you to write & inspire us with your words – His words so obviously written through your beautiful heart & spirit!! Love & Hugs & Blessings!

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    1. Kathy: I so thank you for your encouraging words! It will be a spectacular celebration in Paradise when we are able to thank the Lord in person with all of us praising Him for those countless miracles. Maybe that’s why it would be a could opportunity to start practicing in the here and now. Blessings upon Blessings, my Sister and Friend.

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