Lift Your Spirit

Would you be willing to invite GOD to come to your house? Maybe consider inviting Him to spend just the day with you?

If we’re totally honest, there are days we would NOT want Him to see — maybe our bad attitude, poor behavior, words hurled at others … If Jesus were to step into our day in a manner that we could ‘see’ Him standing with us, would we be embarrassed at what He would witness? Would we strive to have Him audience a ‘perfect day’ in the life? It’s doubtful we could live up to that after the initial sixty seconds.

And yet, He knew all of that was going to happen. He was fully aware that we were going to absolutely ‘blow it’ on those days. But still He came. Still He loved us beyond our wildest imagination. And still yet, He waits for us to swing wide open the door of our heart to invite Him in. He knows what is there — the hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment … He doesn’t ask us to clean it up before He comes in. In fact, He will even do the cleaning.

That’s a love worth shouting about. From the mountain tops, to hills and valleys … everywhere.

Open the door, Friend … He’s patiently waiting to come in …

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Chris Tomlin for this.

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