Invitation to Guest Writers

Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have the gift of words? Is there a message in your heart that you feel the Lord wants you to share with others? is calling on those of you who would like to share their God-given message through the use of their gift of words. This Christ-centered site is opening up the opportunity for writers at all levels to touch the world with their words laced with grace and full of love and mercy.

If this is you, the Invitation Doors are open. Three options are available:

(1)Devotional writing: This is the most popular. 850-1,000 word count. Featured on a given Tuesday it may be part of the month’s running theme or topic. We ask that this be unpublished elsewhere (but may be reposted on your other platforms after first appearing on Your writing remains yours. I will provide very minimal editing and will reach out to you for any clarification as needed. I will provide all graphics and the links to your finished submission will be emailed to you and activated on the date of the publication. You provide all the Scripture verses for reference and the specified translations. by email: for topics or to present your original topic. Put in the subject of your email: GUEST WRITER 2021-2022 TITUS-TWO.COM

(2)Testimonies: This celebrated day is a feature that appears on the 1st Thursday every month. It receives the highest amount of traffic. Readers connect with real life and real transformation by the grace of God. Word count: 850-1,000. I provide all graphics. You provide all the Scripture verses and translations for use.

(3)Lessons in Life: This is for those who have a lengthy devotional message that is best presented over 2-3 sequential weeks (all occurring on Tuesdays, these would appear as Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). 850-1,000 word count per each segment. I will provide minimal editing and all graphics. The intent is to keep the attention of the Reader and hungry for more with each segment.

All writers are requested to submit a HEADSHOT and a BRIEF BIO, which should include all social media links, website links and previously published works (books, podcasts, etc.).

*Topics that focus on specific holidays 2021: Thanksgiving and Christmas, deadlines for submission is October 15, 2021.*

Here are some ideas for Topics for Devotional Submissions: (remember, I am open to your ideas)
Embracing the One That is Not Like Me
Forgiveness is the Hard Lane to Walk In
Advice I Would Give to My 18-yr-old Self
Gratitude is More Than Thank You
The Importance of Community
Living Life Out Loud with Jesus
Disappointments Redefined
Lessons in Obedience
Mercy and Kindness
Laying Down Your Life
The Other Side of Disappointment
Fruits of the Spirit
Mother’s Day / Father’s Day —> I can only have 4 of each
Grief / Pain
Seasons of Change
The Hem of His Garment
Psalm 23
Lord, Teach Me to Pray
Give Us This Day
Leaving the Ninety-Nine for Me

All other submissions will be scheduled for 2022 and will have individual deadlines based on topic content. Generally, after we connect with you, you are given 4-8 weeks to submit your work (to be determined individually).

Beginning of the year, January, we will launch with topics: Mentoring, Leadership, Godmothers — as the foundation of is “for the ones coming up behind me.”

In the event that there is an overwhelming number of submissions for a given topic, will do its best to accommodate those submissions in the best possible way. We reserve the right to publish as we are able to schedule within the calendar. We believe that God-inspired writing is His Gift to others through us, therefore, God gets all the glory.

We request that you “follow” if you are seeking to submit your writing for publication, as this is intended to be a Christian collaborative partnership among the Community of Believers who have the gift of the pen and words. I don’t profess to have it all together — but this I do know: as a Community, we can help one another be known and to make Christ be known. We are here to uplift one another and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you have a community or group of writing friends, you are welcome to share this information with them.

Contact us at: and put GUEST WRITER 2021-2022 in the subject of all correspondence. We will respond as soon as possible.

You are loved to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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