Reading Digest

Aside from writing, I’m a reading lover at heart! Give me a book and some quiet time and I’m in another world. They say great writers are great readers (but not all readers are writers). So, let’s just say I’m a diligent writer and an avid reader.

In this segment I’d like to introduce you to a recent Bible study and book that I’ve read and ‘digested.’ This book is the first that I’ve participated in community by the author, but it was not the first encounter I had with the author’s work. It was one of those that captured my eye quite easily.

“Made for this Moment” by Max Lucado.

If you say the Book of Esther and Max Lucado in the same breath, I’m in! Sign me up.

Should you choose to do this as a group study, I highly recommend that you get the access to the video teachings alongside of the book itself.

In the well appreciated style of Max Lucado, he brings to the surface some Biblical details that some of us lay folks tend to gloss over or are not even aware of. Without me spoiling it for you, I will only say this: I was experiencing the Book of Esther with a better lens for understanding Scripture and history as it was meant to be received by the reader. In these pages of learning, I embraced not only what Max brought to the forefront but genuinely appreciated the clarification of how God works in all situations of our life by working through us and in us — not just behind the scenes. Seeing the characters move from conformity to transform through the reawakening of their faith in the One true GOD, gives the reader a glimpse into what they may have been feeling at their specific moments, and gives us hope. A hope that if we, too, are experiencing a winter season of faith, that GOD does promise a spring if we will only hold on to His Hand and His Precepts. That hope is found in the Lord.

Without revealing too much, I want to encourage you to grab your copy and a handful of friends to dig into this study together. You will not be disappointed.

You too, will understand that you have been made for the exact moment you are facing and that the Lord had you in mind for the role long before you were born. And because He is the Author and Finisher of our faith, He will accompany you throughout the journey. You have His Word on that.

“What are you currently reading or have recently read?” Please respond in the comments — we’d love to add to our list.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you, Max Lucado … your work is a treasury of words that glorifies God with every page.”


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