“Move. Go and Just Be.” by Guest Writer: Kate Coker-Daisie

Just breathe Kate. Take another breath. God has asked you to do this; to move forward, to go BE so just BE … His child. God has equipped you; He will not leave you now. The journey is not straight, but it will be straight in the end. For now, just go do and just BE. Move in Forward Action Intentionally Trusting Him (God)”. These were the beautiful encouraging words spoken over my doubting heart by the one true friend, the Holy Spirit, as I pleaded with God for answers.

Stepping out in faith, taking the leap, doing something out of your normal mode of operation can be and is daunting. Often downright scary! I will not sugarcoat and say the process is smooth; no, it is not. Stepping out in faith presents to your spirit, soul, and body a mix of complex feelings and unanswerable questions in the natural. In my personal faith walk, I have screamed, cried, doubted, got stuck, been confused. The amazing thing about walking in step with God is that wherever you are in the journey, He constantly reassures your heart, guides you back on the path, and catches you when you fall. All these are possible when you invite him into the journey every day.

Remember, when you answer God’s call just as Isaiah said, “Here I am, send me” (Isaiah 5:8), you are being sent on a mission; one that would bring glory to God and an eternal fulfilment to your heart. The tension between moving forward in faith and remaining where you know is comfortable is an all known familiar feeling. Let me impress upon your heart these words of wisdom from my own journey thus far “stepping in faith, taking the leap is a personal process that you journey with God. Not what someone else says rather lean into what God speaks to your heart about. Moving forward, is more than big outcomes. It is obedience, it is surrendering your heart to God”.

Moving forward in faith is the posture of your heart in trusting that God can and will fulfil a promise spoken to you. I love Jesus’s message to the disciples in Matthew 21:18-21 when the fig tree did not bear the fruits it was designed to bear. In His words on faith, Jesus said, “truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also, you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done”. A little further and Jesus says this in verse 22 “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer”. Belief + Trust + Faith + Prayer + Postured Heart = Obedience in doing God’s will. You realize the fruits of God’s plan when you move; and the magic of moving in faith is when you just Be and do. So, to move in Forward Action Intentionally Trusting Him (God) here is what this looks like:

F = forward motion, not looking back at the failures and mistakes. When you look back, you might be pulled back into unhealthy patterns; a place you do not want to be again. When you look back, be thankful for the journey thus far and keep moving forward.

A = act in the will of God. Pray for direction and continued guidance. God’s Word says to never stop praying. Acting in God’s will means listening to his voice and hearing from him. God’s voice, His directions always have peace with it. When there is peace in your heart, you know you are acting in His will.

I = intentional in your walk with God. Being intentional is being purposeful. You have prayed and planned, you believe this is what you must do and where you ought to be; make a deliberate effort to always be in step with the directions you receive from God through the Holy Spirit. Being intentional is a God quality.

T = trust in God and His process. How else can you fulfill His promises if not believing that leaning on God’s understanding is better than your own understanding. Posture your heart appropriately and watch God move in it.

H = Him (God) and only Him; no other god can compete. If you have ever fallen in love, you know it is a great feeling. God is the only one who will never break your heart. He is your refuge, your shield. Walk with God because He is your El-Shaddai.

Moving in faith dear friend is an experience that brings peace and joy to the heart. Today, pray and present to God the tensions you are experiencing with your call. Let go of your control over these tensions. Watch for God’s miracles through the people that come along your journey. You are equipped so go on, just BE and do. Move in FAITH.

Born and raised in Ghana, Kate migrated to the United States at a young age of eighteen years to further her education all thanks to her late father, James Ebow Coker. Since attaining her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in business administration and Human Resource Management, Kate, the Chief Joy Activator has worked as a Champion for People Development for over fifteen years in various private and public sectors. Kate ignites in others a will-do mindset and can-do attitudes. She has been recognized for her commitment to leadership, inspiring women in business, and having high standards of excellence.

Kate knows what it means to suffer without God, and to suffer with God. In a season of feeling lost in her marriage, Kate discovered the purpose for her childhood traumas and young adulthood growing pains. The great losses in the form of sexual abuse and physical abuse Kate experienced compelled her to search for her identity in Christ. This journey of heart transformation birthed the I am FREE Woman Corporation. Kate is the Founder, Visionary, President and Executive Director of the organization and works tirelessly to see other women live life joyfully and FREE.

Kate is also a therapist-in-training at Mercer University, and a Life, Spiritual Coach. She helps Christian women find balance and live a more intentionally focused life centered on their relationship with God, and with others around them. Kate’s passion is writing and is the Writer and is the Lead Content Contributor to many of I am FREE Woman ministries’ educational teachings, programs, and blog contents. If you were to ask Kate what her greatest achievement is besides her family, she would say using words to inspire, encourage and teach others about living life with God.

Kate is a member of Victory Church and actively serves as a Children’s Ministry Team Lead Coach and as a Facilitator in the Married Life Ministry. She is married to her supportive husband James, and they live in Atlanta, GA with their two children and a Boxer Labrador. When Kate is not writing, you will find her enjoying active lifestyle activities such as hiking or running, and she enjoys cooking and traveling.

Connect with Kate: www.chiefjoyactivator.com;  IG: @chiefjoyactivator; YouTube: Chiefjoyactivator

We thank you Kate, for your contribution to this publication of Titus-two.com and deeply appreciate your wisdom and insight.

You are loved to Heaven and Back, Kate ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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