“Ready or Not, Change is Coming” by Guest Writer: Hayley Williams

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. Psalm 62:6

Change is one of the few constants that we have in our lives.

I have told my daughter this multiple times over the past two years. It is inevitable and unpredictable, but can also be a refresh or reset for our lives.  There are some, who welcome it with open arms and those who have a tendency to resist it, even wrestle with it. I used to be one of the latter, but I am discovering that when it comes our way, it is beneficial to embrace it to the best of our ability and just roll with it. Even though as I read that last part of that sentence, it does sound like a cliché.

I am learning to lean more on God, and ask for his grace and guidance to help me with that process. I personally have found it beneficial to remind myself of the truth of the situation, even if it is not what I want to hear at times. The lack of control that we are faced with it when it comes our way can cause our fear and anxiety to elevate.

Reminding myself of the truth helps me release that tight grip on the situation that I have no control over, and release them into the hands of the one who has complete authority.


The past couple of years have been nothing but an up and down journey of learning to adapt with each change we have encountered. Dealing with the world pandemic has forced us to learn to live with new routines and adjust our ways of doing basic day to day tasks. It seems like a few weeks don’t go by before we are learning to cope with a new way of existing or surviving.

Besides COVID 19, the past two years have also been filled with losing loved ones, watching our parents struggle with the aspects that come with getting older, to my kids becoming more independent and self-sufficient, which has made me question my purpose and identity.

One of the biggest transitions I have been faced with is my role as a homeschooling mom. The past 14 years, I have dedicated most of my time into being their mom and teacher. My daughter graduated in 2020 and my son is currently a junior. I knew this day would come, but I wasn’t prepared for how quickly it would get here. It feels like just last year I was teaching them how to read and count to 20. Currently, my daughter is a graduate of our local tech school and working at the electric company as an intern. It took us some time to adjust to her not being home as much and having go to work each day. Homeschooling had changed as it was just me and my son. He has since got his driver’s license and is staying busy working part time and playing on the local high school basketball team.

I always pondered what on earth I was going to do, when the time came and my babies didn’t need me as much. I had thought of the day when I would enter the work force, but who would hire me? I have a lot of skills, but none that the outside world would see as valuable. What would I even want to do?  

When worry would try to take over my thoughts, I knew I had to trust God with it all. I knew he would open a door when the timing was right, and he did this past July. It all happened so quick, and to be honest I had concerns about balancing a job while still homeschooling my son. But God, knowing all things, worked things out not only on my side, but the place he led me to.

I was looking for something part time. God nudged my heart about this local plane museum, so I sent them an email. They didn’t have it posted that they were hiring, but I thought why not just go for it. They responded saying they were actually considering hiring someone for part time position, and was looking for an employee who was passionate about who they were.  I had doubts back then, but looking back, the trace of his handiwork was so evident.  

Beechcraft Heritage Museum is where I ended up getting a job. I love the people I work with.  I enjoy the atmosphere and find its history fascinating. The pioneers of early aviation were so interesting and adventurous.  I have always had my eye on the sky when planes would fly over. Back several months ago, my thought was to just wait till I graduated my son, but God had a different path for me. I am glad he nudged my heart, and I listened and was obedient.

I am not going to lie, there was fear and doubt and at times it had me frozen to the point I didn’t know if I could move forward, but he helped me overcome those emotions. It was hard at first adjusting to working outside the home, and trying to balance out homeschooling and my other duties.

It has been a good distraction for this momma’s heart, as my kids are home less and less. It has helped me to cope with the changes that have taken place within our home’s walls. Changes that can be bittersweet, but after all, as parents our goals should be to raise independent adults who no longer rely on us. That is one of the hardest parts of parenting, but yet the most rewarding when you see glimpses of your hard work and tears paying off as you watch them blossom into adulthood.

I know that there will be more changes that I will be faced with in the future, but I also know that I have a God who cares deeply about me, and he will walk with me every step of the way. 


As much as I love my children, God loves us so much more. It’s a love so wide and deep, that I struggle to comprehend at times. We are his children, his creation, and he wants what is best for us. He is on our side and wants to see us succeed.

Those dreams and interests you have tucked away deep down, he put those there for a reason and if you will loosen your grip on fear, and step out in faith, he will do more than your mind can imagine.

Transition is hard, but it can lead you down some beautiful pathways. It can help mold and shape us into the people God created us to be and prepare us for things to come.

When you are faced with circumstances that are changing, seek out the One who will never change. He is faithful and his love is steadfast. He will never leave you and make you go through it alone.

Keep moving forward, Friend.

Hayley Williams is a Christian, wife, an aspiring writer and homeschooling mama of 2 kids. Since her daughter graduated this past Spring, her focus is now teaching her son, who is 15. God is her everything. Hayley desires for other women to know that they are enough, loved and worth it. Hayley is passionate about helping women to know that God will help them through the trials of life and He is faithful!

We thank you, Hayley, for your faithfulness to GOD and encouragement to women of all ages to keep pressing forward. Your contribution to this publication of Titus-two.com is greatly appreciated. . Your words of encouragement have touched the hearts of many and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

You are loved to Heaven and Back, Hayley ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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  1. Haley thank you so much for sharing your heart and the faithfulness of our Lord.
    I didn’t homeschool but I was very involved in my children’s lives and when they graduated in 2010 and 2011, and went out of state for college I was devastated.
    As I cried out to the Lord for a job, He shut the door and I felt hopeless and heartless….BUT GOD knew exactly what He was doing and opened other doors for me, and of course in His perfect timing.
    Lord bless you and keep sharing! ❤️

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