“A Few Bite Size Morsels”

Life can feel so unfair at times. And if we’re not careful to put those things in their proper place, into the Hands that hold us together when we are about to fall apart, we can mistakenly get distracted by wayward thoughts and go off a deep end. There’s no explaining the ‘whys’ of infertility, miscarriages, failed adoptions, birth defects … we may not know the answers to any of that while we’re here on this side of Paradise. However, we can certainly trust Him Whose Hands are big enough to hold the world.

Hurt, disappointment, questioning GOD, wondering ‘why me?’ and ‘why now?‘ It’s okay to ask these hard things … our GOD can handle anything we put out there.

Today’s Bite Size Morsels are beautifully served up from my friend, Hayley. Let’s step into her kitchen and “nibble” on a few of her fixins:

I have two children, a 20-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. My daughter was born with a very rare condition known as: TAR Syndrome: Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius. It's a mouth-full, right? Her biggest issues are low platelets and being born without the radius bone in both forearms.  We had never even heard of it until the day she arrived. ~Hayley Williams

She has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. She is amazing and determined.  Parenting her has been a winding path of celebrating achievements and overcoming obstacles. Having a child who is labeled or seen as different can be a very heavy load to carry and often times we feel like we are carrying it alone.

All children are blessings, but to the moms who have children with extraordinary needs, who to the world around them are labeled as special, unique or disabled, let me remind you, that you are an amazing mom and you were handpicked by God to be their mom. God chose you.  

If he believes in you, then you need to believe in you. He knew you had the courage and perseverance it would take. It will have ups and downs, but I promise you that if you let Him, God will be with you every step of the way. Lean on him and his ways. Trust Him with your parenting and your child’s future. ~ Hayley Williams

Raising my daughter, there were times when we faced uncertainty and feared the unknown. It was as if we were suffocating from all that was going on around and within us.  

When my daughter was younger, I was faced with a particular event that knocked the wind out of me. We were out in public and a group of kids noticed my daughter and her differences. They started to follow her around and, in all honesty, looking back they were not being mean or unkind. I think they were just curious.  It caused panic to rise up in my chest and I probably didn’t react in the best way. There is a reason we moms can acquire the nickname of “Mama Bear”.  

Only by the grace of God, was I able to manage to keep it together, until we made it home. I remember fighting back the tears with every ounce of strength I had until I finally made it to my bathroom. I shut the door and that is when the tears came rushing down my cheeks like a summer storm.

I felt fear. I felt alone. I didn’t think anyone could understand the pain in my heart at that moment. That is when I felt God speaking to me in that small, still voice. It wasn’t audible, just distinct words deeply impressed on my heart. He assured me that I wasn’t alone and he knew what I was going through.


He could relate to my pain. He reminded me of all the times his son Jesus was mocked by his family, peers, and strangers. He was overlooked and seen as weird. He was rejected, betrayed, beaten beyond recognition and eventually crucified. All of this happened during the time Jesus was on earth, and through it all God was watching. Oh, how his heart must have grieved.

My pain all of a sudden seemed to lighten as these thoughts changed my perspective. Yes, it was hard and at times I felt isolated having a child who wasn’t considered “normal”. But God loves her just as much as he loves me. He has a purpose for her and He will be with her in her journey. She matters to him.

He has always been faithful to me and from that night on, I knew I was never alone in this walk as a mom. He sees me. He hurts when I hurt and if we will lean on him, he will give us the strength to face what each day may bring. ~ Hayley Williams

I pray you know that you are not alone. God sees you. I pray in those moments when all feels lost and out of control, you will surrender it to God and He will fill your heart with whatever it may need in that moment. You are enough and you are a good mother.

We praise GOD for His perfect love and the incredible work that He did in and through you, Hayley, during those challenging parenting times. Whether the needs were visible or only visible to Him, we are confident that the blessings unfolded as you continued to see Him in your life and family.

Sweet Friend, if you are facing an extraordinary parenting challenge we pray that you will look up and see that you and your child were created by an Extraordinary GOD. There is none like Him.

Lord, there is no one like you!
For you are great, and your name is full of power. Jeremiah 10:6 NLT

And who knows, you may have gained your royal position for a time like this.” Esther 4:14b GWT

We thank you for sharing from your kitchen, Hayley. Your recipe of GOD’s love, grace, mercy and kindness are ingredients that all moms relish and especially the mom whose child reminds us that there can never be too much compassion and understanding in the world.

You are a phenomenal mom, and we are so blessed to have the pleasure of doing life with you.

You are dearly loved to Heaven and Back, Hayley ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

Hayley Williams is a Christian, wife, and aspiring writer. God is her everything. Hayley desires for other women to know that they are enough, loved and worth it. Hayley is passionate about helping women to know that God will help them through the trials of life and He is faithful!

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