Reading Digest

Author: Bob Goff

I absolutely loved this book! If you’ve ever heard Bob Goff speak or read any of his early works, you’ll be equally delighted in ‘hearing’ his voice and words of encouragement as he shares of the truths found in Scripture that will help you navigate through the myriad of to-do’s in your life.

In Bob Goff style, his humor and candor are what enables his reader to feel as though she were sitting with him on a park bench at Disneyland just enjoying the day chatting about life.

We all get distracted. Even the most focused and concentrated ones among us. That proverbial squirrel just captures our thoughts as it dashes across our window, screen, phone. Sometimes it’s a really BIG squirrel and it knocks us of our track and then there we are, running up and down a tree chasing after falling nuts — until we get conked on the head by one. Suddenly we realize we’ve lost sight of our vision.

I love how Bob reels us back into our God-given purpose. Because the way we process things is not a one-way-fits-all sort of thing — at least with me it’s not. And I think GOD would have something to say about that since we are uniquely formed for His Purpose to fulfill a Heavenly Purpose. The one that He’s imprinted within us from the beginning of time.

We were meant to do life with others. And while we’re doing that, we have the privilege to experience joy, laughter, happiness. Maybe in the midst of all that celebrating life, a passerby will want to know what makes us tick. It could be contagious — in a good sort of way.

I walked away from the last page feeling as if I wanted to just smile — as I did through so many moments while reading. Bob provides his phone number at the end of the book — I just may take him up on the offer just to say, “Thank you!” His faithfulness in serving the Body of Christ with his talent of words through real life episodes with real life people is beyond inviting. It’s a testimony of what GOD can do when you’re “Undistracted.”

Thank you, Bob Goff, for this latest book, “Undistracted.” You just may be getting a phone call from me in the near future. Please keep writing, keep exploring, keep Sweet Maria happy (happy wife = happy life) and keep that laughter in your heart and joy in your words. Your adventuresome spirit is indeed contagious.

You are loved to Heaven and Back, Bob ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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