Reading Digest

I picked up this book a bit reluctant, if I can be honest here. The tagline sounded like others in the same ‘genre.’ However, this book, is not like the others.

Author, Mike Foster, is utterly transparent, has a tremendous sense of humor and speaks to his reader like an old familiar friend. He openly shares his life experiences and how GOD took everything and showed him how it was truly going to work out for his good. Only thing: like the rest of us, Mike didn’t know at the time of the specific events that GOD had intentionally orchestrated it all.

Unlike the folks who have great advice and package them neatly between a front and back cover, Mike Foster actually gets in with you amidst the pages and reveals wisdom that GOD gave him to live a full life and rich life. The end result is presented to you in book that helps you to peel back layers, examine the truth by examining Scripture and to encourage you to do the same for and with others.

My personal copy is filled with highlights. Because this book illuminated some dark places in my life that needed the Light to shine into.

Three words: Get. The. Book.

“Mike, don’t stop writing. GOD has deposited some really spectacular ‘stuff’ inside of your gift of words. I can only imagine what a conversation between you and Bob Goff must sound like! Your work is impactful and a tremendous blessing. Thank you so, so much for this. Looking forward to reading more.”

A committed reader,

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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