“My Sister’s Keeper.”


Busy! Busy! Busy! 

Life is just so full these days for everyone ~~ kids, the home, church involvement, work, career aspirations, dreams, and the list goes on. Somewhere in the midst of all this “busyness” are the precious people that are struggling to keep up with all these demands ~~ I mean REALLY struggling.  

That sweet sister with whom you seem to exchange glances in the hallways at church but never really got to know ~~ that co-worker that has often asked you about this group of Bible Study women that you hang out with but you haven’t yet invited her ~~ the mom at your child’s school that you see in the carpool line looking frazzled and frustrated ~~ the woman who slides in late on Sunday morning to grab that seat next to you quietly sobbing during worship ~~ these are precious ones for whom Christ has called us to reach out and embrace.

Girlfriend ~~ WE. HAVE. ALL. BEEN. THERE. Can I get an ‘Amen,’ here?

I have often felt my heart melt when in the presence of such dear ones ~~ and yet, I, too, must admit, that I’ve not always answered the ‘call to respond.’ I later regret not having shared the kindness of Jesus at a moment most needed.

Let’s take the time to step back ~~ and allow the whispers of The Holy Spirit to penetrate our hearts and minds ~~ and let our Sisters experience the LOVE of Christ through us.

Have a most FABULOUS Friday, Girlfriend!

Now, get out there and LOVE on Somebody!


T2T Visionary 

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