“Your Life Is A Constant Sermon.”

Acts 3:12 “When Peter saw the opportunity, he spoke to the audience.”

The Holy Spirit MOVED Peter to recognize the moment for which he was called; and Peter responded.

How often do we miss an opportunity to share the Gospel simply because it’s ‘inconvenient,’ or ‘in the presence of the wrong people,’ or ‘we’re not confident, or ‘we’re unprepared?’

Sharing the Gospel does not have to be a Bible-thumping moment with a full-blown formal sermon. The Gospel is the Good News of Christ, which can manifest in a multitude of ways; even in unspoken ways: a meal, a ride, a cup of coffee, a coat, an ear, or an embrace.

So many times we think that an opportunity will be ripe for sharing our testimony or a time when God rescued us from ourselves. But have we ever stopped to consider that not all spiritual opportunities are meant to benefit US? 

When we recognize an opportunity, we stand upright and tall ready to give an answer to the call. But let’s take another perspective on “opportunity.” Could it be possible that the “opportunity” is for God to be seen? In other words, it’s really God’s Opportunity, and not OURS. Think on that …

So then our paradigm takes a shift. And it’s not all about us, and what WE can offer a dying world, but rather what God does offer the individual dying soul that beckons our immediate attention.

Peter spoke once he perceived that God was urging him to speak to his audience. Obviously it was a large audience, since the end result was 3,000 people coming to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Peter’s passion for the love of God and the redemption of Jesus Christ MOVED him to share the Gospel in his appointed God-moment. 

If it is true that actions speak louder than words, consider your life as a ‘constant sermon.’ It has also been said that ‘people will forget what you said, and they may even forget what you did. But thy will not forget how you made them feel.’ That being said, without the formality of the spoken word, WHAT are you teaching and preaching to the outside world?  

Does your lifestyle ‘speak of the Good News of Jesus?’  If not, what are some steps that you can take today to change that?  What message do you think you are living out?

THIS is the Gospel to those in Your Sphere of Influence. 

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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