Come.  It’s a word that requires a response ~~ either I will choose to sit still right where I am ~~ or, I will choose to get up off my comfy spot and move.

Kind of ironic, though, that while Jesus beckons me to move, which is “action,” that the end result would be “rest,” which sounds more like “stillness,” which sounds like “no activity.”

Recently, my medical doctor gave me some advice, “Make time for yourself.”  My immediate response was,”But that’s selfish.”  Why is it that so many women feel “guilty” at the sound of rest?  My brain went into wrestling mode with these four words from the professional.

Yes, I’m one of those that just can’t put herself in idle for any length of time ~~ just have to always be “productive” during waking hours. But I have come to understand this craziness of mine ~~ I translate “idle” to be a negative behavior.  So I choose timeout ~~ and I think of “exhalation” which makes me think “relaxation.”

I know, I know … “Whatever works for you, Linda, just do it!”  I can see you throwing up your hands in utter frustration.

But Jesus simply says “Come.”

So I go.  And I learn from Him that there is rest available to me if I’ll let Him draw me closer ~~ that’s the right move ~~ His “burden” is light in comparison to the enormous load the world offers me; the worldly load leaves me exhausted with no relief in sight.  His “burden” (following Him and His Commands and the life He gives me) will actually breathe life back into me.

If I will but come.

It’s Labor Day today ~~ and we are offered the rest we are longing for from all the harshness and heaviness that we carry every day.

I’m  in!  Are YOU?  Exhale into the Arms of the One Who LOVES you most and is waiting for you to come.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary 

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