“Live Life On Purpose.”

I recently came across this in one of my favorite card shops in town … made me smile … 

Immediately I began to think of all the people who who inspire me to live life with intention to make an impact.  Maybe you’ve heard of some of them: Moses, Joseph, Esther, and Ruth.  They chose to make life-impacting decisions that directly influenced the lives of those that came up behind them.  

In a culture that is quick to elect “superheroes” as role models, these significant individuals leave a mark on my life that is unmatched.

Each one of my inspiring examples was removed from their birth place / place of origin ~~ that “familiar” place known to them ~~ their “comfort zone.”  Each one was given the opportunity to make the decision to follow God in the manner He called them.  Each one had to place full trust and step forward ~~ even in the light of full opposition and the risk that stared them in the face.  Each one did not know from one day to the next what would happen to them.

But each one trusted God for every provision along the way ~~ for every move and every word ~~ because they knew He would remain faithful to His Promise.

Living life on purpose gives each one of us to make a positive lasting impact on “the ones coming up behind us.”  By choosing to remain obedient in a world that mocks God and His Commands ~~ He sees all and knows yours and my heart.  Making the hard decisions that seem to go contrary to popular culture, we can elect to stand out and stand firm in our faith and be content knowing we serve God Almighty. 

Girlfriend, in your faith, you CAN choose to be happy ~~ because your reward surpasses your wildest imagination!

Hebrews 3:14 For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ. 

Sharing in ALL that belongs to Christ … my mind cannot comprehend what that includes .. but my tiny brain surmises it’s a lot!

Being FAITHFUL does equal HAPPY ~~ if you have a Relationship with The One who defines “happy” to its fullest extent.  

So my question to you this day: “Do YOU have a Relationship with Christ? If you don’t, you’re missing out on the GREATEST HAPPINESS that you’re heart could ever experience.  Dear Friend, choose to be happy ~~ choose to be fulfilled ~~ choose to be complete ~~ choose to be made whole.

I invite you to contact me directly if you aren’t sure of your Relationship with Our Savior ~~ let today be your deciding moment for salvation. 

I love you to Heaven and Back ~~


T2T Visionary 

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