“Bridge Builder”

She escapes daily … into her world of isolation to soothe the pain that plagued her soul … that nagging incessant pain of loneliness

Let’s take a time out shall we?

How many times have you heard (Or maybe you’ve said yourself) a woman say that she’s lonely? I tend to dig deeper into the spoken words of people ~~ and so I hear, “I have no friends in whom I can confide,” in those words.

I recently attended an event at our church in which the guest speaker spoke to the matter of women and relationships and loneliness within those relationships.

Yes, it is possible to be lonely inside of a relationship.

Speaking from my little corner of the world, I recognize that pain is expressed (and also concealed) in a myriad of ways. Women have the incredible ability to disguise their pain in ‘busyness’ and other activities that may be totally unrelated to their hidden battles. Maybe because I’ve sustained battle wounds of my own that others trust me with theirs ~~ my scars can be visible at times, but my transparency is only recent, and deemed useful by God.

Coming to terms with who I am in Christ has enlarged my understanding of the powerful joy that is in Christ.

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

Genesis 2:18

Since the beginning of time, God has intended for us to have relationships. The most important one is the relationship with Him.

I can openly confess that if I haven’t spent enough time with my God (in prayer and meditation), I feel ‘incomplete’ and somewhat lacking ~~ that feeling of ‘something’s just not right.’ Can you relate, Girlfriend? And the quirkiness that follows me around that day will testify to my lack of direction.

But too, we are to extend beyond ourselves in an effort to build bridges of human relationships. Bridges that those coming up behind us may need to walk upon in order to receive wholeness and healing for whatever brokenness may be plaguing them.

Transparency ~~ sincerity ~~ authenticity ~~ honesty ~~ genuineness ~~ all traits that are like magnets for a hurting soul. These are bridge building tools to connect others who presently live on an island of aloneness.

Are you willing to build a bridge to close the gap or draw near one who may need your time, ear to hear, shoulder to cry upon? Maybe you can be a bridge for someone who is presently experiencing a level of pain and anxiety that is so overwhelming she has no one to turn to for consolation.

Let’s pray for sensitivity and tenderness of heart ❤️ to bring up our Sisters and Girlfriends ~~ inside or outside of Christ (this may be the moment of salvation).

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary


  1. Love you so much and your transparency!
    I’m my study “Finding Faith in the Darkness” it’s amazing the stories that are being shared. The pain that goes so deep and our willingness to share with each other 😞😢. Pouring it out to our Heavenly Father and each other, so that we can encourage each other…prayer for everyone…be those Aaron’s and Hurr’s to each other, weaving our hearts together and building bridges in the Lord.
    Love you to heaven and back!! ❤️


  2. Sharon ~~ The “connecting power” is The Holy Spirit! I get you on this one, Sister .. it’s a wonderful thing to be able to embrace another in her time of “need.” And Heaven only knows we ALL have had “needy moments.” (Throw me an ‘AMEN,’ here will ya?!)
    YES! Let’s be there for one another ~~ in sincere and genuine LOVE, shall we?
    Warm HUGS to you, my Sister❣️


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