“Who Am I?”

But by the [remarkable] grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not without effect.

1 Corinthians 15:10a Amplified

Daughter of the Most High God ~~ I suppose that makes me a ‘princess’ but my behavior doesn’t always exemplify this fact. And you know what they say, “behavior is a byproduct of one’s attitude.” (sigh)

Our Scripture verse says that by the remarkable grace of God ~~ and I will be first to second that emphasis ~~ it is all too true that God’s grace extended towards me is certainly remarkable; I don’t think that I would do that for me if I had the choice. I know way too much about me to be that generous.

Nonetheless, His Grace has transformed and continues to transform me into who I am and who I am becoming ~~ until I reach Paradise and am fully completed.

What strikes me are those last few words: not without effect.

I am no scholar of the Word, nor do I purport to have the intelligence to write commentary on Biblical concepts. But those few words grab me and shake me up.

Has the Grace of God ever gone without effect in my life? Have I ever disgraced God and shown disrespect for His Sacrifice?

Of course, in all honesty I would have to say a red-faced ‘yes,’ and too often to keep track.

But God …

In His Merciful Love and unlimited forgiveness, continues to wrap His Loving Arms around this dependent child of His and reassures her that while she may fall short of the glory of God, He will forever love her and keep her in His Care.

Not without effect …

God’s Power within me reaches through to those in my sphere of influence ~~ in the unique way that only I can affect their lives and situations. And the same goes for you, Sweet Sister of mine. That’s the beauty of fully embracing who you are. The uniqueness of your spirit and personality, formed by the life experiences that were all God-ordained for the good to all those whom would eventually come in contact with you ~~ these things were necessary to exist for the sake of those precious ones whom would come up behind you.

That is your effect on others, Girlfriend; exactly as God has created you to be his beautiful Masterpiece.

Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to others ~~ be uniquely you and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will have impact on those around you ~~ releasing the presence of the Spirit of the living God in their midst. God has placed those ones in your presence for that purpose ~~ that you may minister to them in the way only you can ~~ which is exactly God’s prescription for their life at that moment.

Have you been effectual today?

I present this challenge to you at this moment ~~ maybe it’s time to take an internal inventory ~~ how effective have your Spiritual Gifts been used to minister to others?

As a ‘princess’ of the Most High, I am required to be as effective as my Father has given me power. So what holds me/you back? Why am/are I/you lacking consistency?

These questions can be answered in a truthful and sincere pursuit of coming clean and confession of my idleness. Spiritual Gifts are meant to be used, developed and multiplied ~~ all to the glory of God. To keep ‘unused gifts’ in our spiritual closets would be sinful ~~ nothing shy of disobedient.

Are you guilty of occasionally wishing you were as eloquent a speaker as so-and-so? Do you secretly desire to have another person’s skills and talents?


Read our verse aloud.

Again. And again.

Let those Words penetrate and permeate your soul ~~ until you wrap your entire being around the fact that you are exactly as you should be for this season, to impact and to be of effect to those around you. Who you will be as you continue to grow will be another stage of development that God will cause ~~ and you will yet go on from there.

Let us commit to being more of who God made us to be: effectual and prayerful princesses with the purpose to serve, allowing the love of God to transform us while we pursue Him and reveal Him to others.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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