It seemed as though the birds were chirping extraordinarily loud this morning. Or is that how they’ve always greeted a new day — have I missed that in the past?

Or is it that these tiny creatures were merely going about their daily routine and they were piercing the silence of the dawn because we have all been confined indoors for the recent six weeks?

It requires no special explanation — we are in the thick of a pandemic. And unless you’ve been in a coma for the past few months, you’ve experienced a ‘new normal’ that includes forced distancing in public by six feet, wearing face coverings when leaving your home, and very possibly losing your livelihood and some possessions. We’ve seemingly learned how to slowly adapt to online family gatherings and showing up to food banks (to either donate or receive). Life as we knew it is not.

So what are we all doing to cope? To what do we divert our attention so that we maintain some sense of sanity?

Those who love Your law have great peace; Nothing makes them stumble.
Psalm 119:165 – AMP

Upon first glance I’m thinking — GOD, I need strength to even read those words — they seems so far from me. Peace seems so far away at times during these troubling days.

But maybe I wrestle with embracing this verse because I realize that to truly love GOD’S Law requires my earnest obedience to it. Ah, obedience … an action word on my part. It can be a tough pill to swallow if I’m truly honest with myself (and with the Holy Spirit). Oh, but the rewards – peace and stability.

Peace can be a trite word in this present global crisis — when the world is focused on medical intervention and searching for a vaccine to eradicate our viral enemy. But isn’t peace what we are yearning and thirsting for at the end of it all? Peace in knowing that we will all emerge from this chaos a stronger and better society — is it possible to even go there in your deepest thoughts?

I’ll come clean, right here and now, Girlfriend, and admit to you all that I’ve experienced some bouts with high anxiety and tension during these recent months. To the point of excessive muscle tightness and sleepless nights. But the enemy of my soul and yours wants me and you paralyzed by all these external forces to prevent us from being effective for The Kingdom of GOD.

Have you noticed any extra battles in your camp lately? Things that wouldn’t normally bother you suddenly are at the top of the last nerve list? Feeling antsy about going to the grocery store or driving at normal speed on the freeways? I’m right there with you, Sister; we all are.

I’m doing a study at the moment, about being battle ready — spiritual battles. And I’ve learned that’s exactly where this is all coming from — like a volcanic eruption, it’s all spewing out and overflowing all over the place. If I’m not careful about how I live and respond to circumstances and people, I can destroy opportunities for people to see peace of Christ standing right in front of them. Which is exactly what our world needs right now.

So this journey of mine in this season is notably a reflective one — I’m trying to not miss the chirping birds but to learn to sing with them. I’m calling on the Word of GOD to so dwell within me that I declare it in the heat of a battle and let it be my sword. I’m digging my heels into the soil He placed me upon and I am determined to be rooted in love and grace which He has poured out into me — and maybe, just maybe, some dying defeated soul will see a glimmer of hope through the peace of Christ and want some for herself.

My prayer is that all of us, Girlfriends, will find the courage to share the hope that is within us through the peace of Christ — to step back and see with spiritual eyes the ones who are coming up behind us thirsting for answers and peace for their difficult times.

None of us know when this will cease — or even if it will for that matter. We may have just stepped into a new way of living with no warning or preparation. But this we can be assured of: GOD is still on the throne and He isn’t going anywhere.

And just as He knows when one of those birds falls to the ground, He knows everything about you and all that accompanies you — and considers you worth dying for.

“Your words have helped the one who was stumbling to stand, And you have strengthened feeble knees.
Job 4:4 – AMP

I encourage you, Sister, to join hearts through the air and lift up the ones who are reaching out to you seeking peace.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend,

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary


  1. What a fitting message during these troubling times. You words and studies are very much on point…what an amazing and gifted writer you are Ms. Linda! Well done!


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