Thankful Thursday

Faithful love … these are BIG words for me … I think because it’s hard to have them so close together in the same sentence.

Living life in this fallen world, it’s common place to experience disappointment more often than faithfulness. So when we declare someone or something is ‘faithful,’ we attribute enormous confidence that this person or thing will never disappoint and always deliver.

Attaching the word, ‘love,’ to faithful seems near to impossible in the human sense. Family and friends will disappoint. Your BFF will disappoint. The salary increase that was promised but failed to receive approval … the purchase on the home that was said to be ‘guaranteed’ fell through … the loved one who promised that they would stay away from the drugs, pornography, illicit relationships and habits that could not walk away from the temptation …

But GOD …

He is the only One to attribute the title of ‘Promise Keeper’. Our Father is the One True faithful love that can be expected to deliver on His Promises for your life.

  • Write down at least two events from your life when GOD delivered on a Promise. Seeing it in front of you will give you a greater appreciation for what actually happened.
  • What Promise are you holding on to that has not yet been fulfilled?

I have learned that when I thank GOD for the Promises ‘still yet to come,’ I release the burden of carrying an expectation to see what I want to see — rather than what He wants to give me (which is far, far better than I could ever imagine). But to go there, I have to remind myself that His faithful love is non-stop (even when I do).

Sister, even when we don’t see Him working on our behalf — He is. That is faithful love. He is personal, up close and intimately involved in your life. When a solution or answer to prayer arrives and suddenly we exclaim, ‘That came at the right time,’ or even better we say, ‘I never would’ve thought of that _________!’ As we casually wipe the sweat off our brow.

When I sit still I am embarrassed. Considering all that the Lord does for me … the mere act of waking in the morning — is so easily taken for granted. Going throughout my day to arrive home safely at the end — when so much could have otherwise transpired.

From an aerial view, is also the revelation that I mess up throughout my day. Maybe not egregiously, nonetheless, my perfect imperfection does make itself visible to anyone close enough to catch it. Sometimes I will look up knowing that GOD has already forgiven me before I utter the words, “forgive me.” Sister, His faithful love does that for His Children.

Father GOD, how awesome it is to be fully cognizant of Your faithful love towards me. In my coming and going, You are ever-present and continue to cover me and fill my life with more than what I know that I ask from You. Cause me to slow down to see Your faithful love surrounds me at all times in all situations — You are trustworthy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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