Identity Crisis

In years past, I’ve had the tendency to label myself as being ‘tech-challenged.’ Being away from the formality of the corporate world for a couple decades caused me a sense of paralysis when I decided to make a few changes in my work life outside of the home.

But GOD has a sense of humor with plans that included me working for a computer services company for two years. I still chuckle when I think about it.

Learning how we are a society solely dependent upon the workings of our digital world is frightening. It revealed to me how easy it is for people to have their sensitive information stolen if it’s not properly protected and guarded. Identity theft is as widespread and common as shoplifting. And the devastating effects can echo for years.

Merriam-Webster defines identity in these words: the condition of being the same with something described or asserted; the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.

Hold that thought: “… being the same with something …”

  • What identifying characteristics set you apart from others around you?
  • What would you seek to protect and preserve about your identity?
  • With whom or what groups do you most identify?

When our parents were our age they never would have thought of having the need to protect their identity — you think to yourself, who would want to steal that?!

But the enemy of your soul wants to do just that on a spiritual level. He seeks to rob you of your royal identity as the Daughter of the King of Kings. He works overtime to convince you that your are unworthy, unequipped, undesirable, unwanted, uninvited, unloveable … the list is endless. With all the ‘un’s’ in the lineup, it’s no wonder we feel un-done and unravelled!

I have been graciously surrounded by women in my life who continue to remind me that my identity is found in Christ. Whenever I’ve reached out to them during a hard season, they are ready to wrap me in purple (the color of royalty) and show me that my Heavenly Father has declared me His. And if I am His, I am of royal bloodline and possess so much more than I realize.

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9 ESV

His Holy Spirit indwells my being so I am sanctified. I’ve been cleansed and purified by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the perfect sacrifice. Because my Father owns and controls it all, I can audaciously ask Him for anything — wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power to stand in the soil of my faith and plant seeds no one can touch … I can ask for healing, forgiveness, discernment, mercy … and it will be given to me.

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, John 1:12 ESV

These things cannot be stolen from me. You can remove every animate thing I own and I would still have more.

Most of us can recall the pivotal question that Jesus asked Peter, “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 6:15). What if that was turned around. Let your mind wander a bit. What if Peter asked Jesus, “Who do you say I am?” What do you think He would have said?

  • Imagine you’re seated across a table from Jesus (just the two of you). He asks you this question: “Who do you say you are?” Write out your answer.
  • Refer back to the Merriam-Webster definition to include: “… being the same with something …”

Sweet Friend, you became the precious Daughter of the King when you identified with what Jesus Christ did for you on the Cross. At that very moment, when your heart lay open and broken, He filled it with love and hope that restored it and your relationship to Him.

This is the identity we must protect and guard. This is what separates us from the world as being chosen and beloved of the Father. With this identification factor, we can move mountains and witness the miraculous renewal of lives transformed. As we live in light of who we truly are, there is nothing formed that can stop us.

To protect it requires us to use it 24/7. Unlike your earthly identity, it needs to go before us and behind us and be totally visible for all to see. If it is kept in darkness or in a secret closet and never put to use, it cannot unleash the power that is contained within. Once we are familiar with what it can accomplish through us, there’s no mistaking who we are.

So if I casually bumped into you on the street …

  • Describe how you would identify yourself.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~`

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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