Thankful Thursday

When I was growing up, music in the church was very somber and very ‘funeral’ in nature. The atmosphere and even the people behaved with a reverence that extended beyond respect but put a lid on expression. I always wondered why that was. And it never made sense to me why the lyrics, when you read them as text, spoke of joy and happiness but were sung to the tune of sadness.

Accepting Jesus as my Savior seemed to open up a door that I never knew would lead to expressions of such refreshment through song and praise. It was in my relationship to the Lord that lifted that lid and gave me freedom to be authentically thankful through music and worship in song.

Hearing the various gifts that come flowing out from musical artists during a praise time raptures my soul! Because what we are witnessing are the blessings of GOD Almighty as He has poured out talent onto other Believers. And like the Psalmist declares in our verse today, come before the Lord with music and praise, this should be our true nature. This is what we will do when we are face to face with Him around His Throne.

  • What are your go-to praise songs? Write them down in the comments (this may help some of us enlarge our library / playlist).

As a child and young adult, I played a few instruments. Culturally, that was the norm. It was the piano and something else at our house. So I dabbled with the violin, the guitar, autoharp, recorder … the common ones. (If you don’t know what an autoharp is, ask Google.). I find music just lifts my spirit and allows me to relax and experience calm. Above all, it causes me to focus on what GOD can do with the hands, eyes, ears, brain to make beautiful noise come from a lump of clay.

But I what I find to be the most miraculous in all this, is what GOD does to the spirit of the one who comes to Him with a heart filled with gladness and pure gratitude through worshipful song and praise.

  • Have you taken the time you praise Him today, Sister? Go for it: in the car going to or coming home from work, en route to your errands, while doing housework, gardening, exercising …

Father GOD, we come before You today with a heart of thanksgiving and making a joyful noise. Accept this offering of praise and gratitude no matter what it may sound like to our human ears. Cause us to remember that you created these hands, ears, lungs and mouth to make these sounds — and so they are perfect for You to receive. We love You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


  1. My go to songs here lately are Out of My Hands by Jeremy Camp, Who Am I by Needtobreathe and Tell Me by Carrollton.
    For me, radio stations like The Fish and KLove are so helpful in my daily walk with the Lord. They are so encouraging on those days when life gets heavy.


    1. Hayley: Thank you for sharing your favorites — it’s helping to build playlists for many of us. And yes, having free access to Christian radio broadcasts is a blessing — God has blessed us with such a freedom.


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