Thankful Thursday

Living through the holidays this year caused me to shift my thinking. Yes, this year (and I’m sure I’m not alone it saying this), put me in park to ponder.

Some of the ‘important things’ may have fallen off their pedestal of high priority — they’ve been moved to further down the docket. They didn’t lose their meaningfulness — but the urgency to attend to them has been re-examined and the results are in.

What we deem to require our utmost and undivided attention may have slid down to third or fourth or further down the line. Pressing at us from behind are possibly matters that once were in the file labeled, “When I have the time,” or “When I get around to it.” Taking for granted ‘minor details’ such as rising in the morning with breath in our lungs and fumbling in the dark to turn off the alarm that sits nestled within our smart phones … do we care to pause to consider the minutia has become so common that we could not live life without it?

The simpler things … that’s where I’m seeing the greatest of miracles. Hearing the birds chirping as they settle in the greenery surrounding my windows. Seeing the furry tail of the neighborhood squirrel as he scurries across the cinder block wall to his next meal’s destination. Feeling the uneven ground beneath my feet in the soil of my yard as I stroll through the grass to bask in the sunlight. These simple and overlooked things are some of the great works of artistry by my Creator GOD — they call attention to Who He is.

And they draw attention to who I am in relationship to Him.

On this borderline of a new year, I ask you to reflect alongside of me:

“What does the Lord have me to focus on as I step into the future? Have I understood how He desires of me to walk into it? Do I have need to diligently work on my attitude, behavior, means of service to others … in this new year?

Will my labor be dedicated to my perspective of accomplishment or to Whom I dedicate my life?”

linda r. johnson

While the mere work of my hands is no comparison to what GOD has done and is accomplishing in my life, it goes without saying that I remain in constant awe of the fact that He receives it with gladness. The Lord rejoices at my obedience to His Will by following the precepts of His Commands. This is my worship — my life is a living sacrifice. My body is not my own but is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The work that GOD has ordained for me to accomplish is to be done with a joyful heart and with the ‘best’ tools within my reach (the good knowledge and skillful ways He has developed in me).

Whatever He has deemed necessary for you to do this day (and every new day), Sister, be glad that He elected you to carry it out. With your light beaming, it will illuminate the minds of others to see that your Father in Heaven is in it. And He will receive the glory.

“Father GOD, how we magnify You and Your mighty works that You graciously pour through our lives. The fact that You chose each one of us to experience Your love for others by inviting us to be vessels of service is such a blessing to behold! Cause us to pause and remember that it is all for You, so that our hearts and minds are well focused on what You would have us do. We are able to love out because You lavishly love us! As we step into this new year, may we ever be mindful of Your unseen footprints in front of us and the gentle grip of Your hand on ours. Thank You, Lord, for awakening us to a New Year. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

Happy New Year!

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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