Thankful Thursday

So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. 1 Peter 1:6 NLT

How many times have we been comforted by well-meaning fellow Believers with words like, “Weeping may endure the night, but joy comes in the morning?” I know that when I’m living in the middle of a mess, the last thing I want to hear are those words accompanied by a pat on the back.

Yet Scripture is telling us to be happy — because joy awaits us on the other side of our trial.

If you’re like me, it’s a head scratching moment in time. It’s when I look up and say, “Really, GOD?! You expect me to do the happy dance while everything around me is falling apart.” I need a reset button.

And maybe I do need to reach for that reset button. So that the Holy Spirit can reset my thinking and my perspective. Maybe I’m actually in the right place and it’s the right time for me to step into a miracle.

Are you in the middle of messy right now? Questioning whether this is an attack from the enemy of your soul or if GOD is blessing you with the opportunity to witness deliverance and victory … Sometimes it just feels confusing like that. Yah, me, too, Sister.

Let’s explore the possibility that GOD Almighty has orchestrated your situation to enlarge your faith by trusting Him when you can’t see the next step in front of you. Have you been praying for strength and courage? Guess what? It’s training day — suit up and show up. Faith muscles will be flexed and stretched.

If we forget our power comes from on High, then our thinking will keep us dwelling on the here below.

linda r johnson

It’s going to take practice, I know, but to set our minds on Christ and the Inheritance that we already have because we are in Him, will actually cause us to rejoice even in the midst of the messy. Because in just a little while we will experience that awesome victory — and you’ll be shouting to the world how awesome our GOD is!

Our flesh desires instant relief, but His Ways and Thoughts are much higher than our own.

I want to learn how to rejoice in the midst of messy, don’t you? Let’s commit to doing the hard work today so that we can rejoice ahead of tomorrow.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary


  1. Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging words. I want to rejoice in the midst of the messy! Thank you for this powerful truth, “If we forget our power comes from on High, then our thinking will keep us dwelling on the here below”.
    Love and blessings,


    1. Ali: I’m so glad this found a place in your heart today! Sometimes the simple truths are so easily forgotten — but as we refocus our gaze upward, we have a clearer view of our true reality in Christ.


  2. Beautifully said/written, Linda! Continuing to walk & rejoice in the midst of the messy as I praise GOD for His amazing blessings in and above the messiness!! Oh how I love your inspiring words, Sister ❤️


    1. Kathy: This side of Paradise, there is so much ‘mess’ that we wade through on a daily basis. The glorious truth is that our hope does not leave us standing stuck in that mud of messy, because we are In Christ — and He is our Power to deliver His Message. Blessings to you this day!


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