Lift Your Spirit

There is very little that I can say to bring into view this song. The title alone says it all.

When your heart and soul just want to proclaim the Name of the Lord from the highest mountain, with every fiber of your being wanting to just explode with exuberance and holy praise — simply because He is such an awesome GOD!

What things are you specifically grateful for — right here, Sister, in this very moment — that no one else is even aware of? Did you arise out of bed without chronic pain? Was your financial burden lifted by an unknown source? Did your prodigal child come to their senses and return to their faith? Did you go to bed last night with a renewed commitment to your Savior on your lips? Were you granted a second chance at a relationship that you thought had dissolved?

Consider a gratitude journal this year — maybe writing entries weekly, monthly — or a collection of pictures to tell the story. This could be the legacy of Who GOD has been for you — and it will tell the story long after you.

  • What other ways can you declare the goodness of GOD to a hungry and thirsty world?

I challenge you, Sister, to go there — let your story of gratitude be heard and seen by those who may not know The Lord or have no clue of how to verbalize their thankfulness to Him.

He is indeed an awesome GOD!

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Maryanne J. George | Maverick City | Tribl for this.


  1. What other ways can you declare the goodness of GOD to a hungry and thirsty world? PRAY… when in doubt, worried, scared, PRAY! When blessed, thankful, happy, PRAY….

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