Thankful Thursday

Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset.  Exodus 17:12 NLT

It is certainly comforting to know that even Moses needed some extra help from his friends — I feel relieved.

Our man, Moses, was commissioned by GOD to fulfill an important task — one which meant the protection and preservation of an entire people. This was part of his job description.

And like most of us, we are responsible people when it comes to our integrity (word) and our reputation as a leader. We know what is expected of us within the scope of our responsibilities and we intend to accomplish every bit of it.

But also like us, Moses grew weary and tired — can I get an Amen?

Sister, I’ve been on both sides of the caregiving spectrum — and it’s not an easy role to fulfill.

One would think that being the recipient of help is desirable. But if you’re anything like me, you’re accustomed to being the Giver in most situations — a bit of pride and guilt seems to wedge between me and the need to ‘ask’ for assistance. Seriously, I’d almost be likely to have my tired arms fall off before even hinting that I need help.

So when I feast my eyes on the mighty Moses graciously accepting the help from his friends, it warms my heart to shift my skewed perspective on ‘weakness.’ His friends knew him so well, they recognized Moses’ need to take a seat and be helped. Scripture here tells us that they gave him a place upon which to sit and provided the means — their own strength — to enable Moses to complete his assignment from GOD.

That’s community! So closely attuned to one another’s needs, that we simply respond by extending ourselves in love.

THIS is what I am thankful for today — arms that hold me up when I’m too tired, too ashamed, too fatigued to ask. For those who remain connected in a manner that just demonstrates their willingness to give themselves and their time no matter what the need (physical or spiritual), I express my gratitude from the deepest part of my heart.

And for those who don’t know ‘how’ to extend themselves, TODAY would be an awesome opportunity for you to begin your landmark moment to reach out (unexpectedly) to fill the need of someone in your path. Practice will allow for you to really hone this gifting service; it will soon become a habit!

Let this be the start of a thankfulness journey that touches the ones coming up behind you.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary


  1. Just now reading this, sister — a week after you’ve written it, but wanted to tell you how beautiful your words are & how they truly hit home for me. I could not help but smile & almost laugh a little at myself when I read these words you wrote about receiving/asking for help: “Seriously, I’d almost be likely to have my tired arms fall off before even hinting that I need help.” Oh, that is so “me”! I much prefer to be the giver of help than be the recipient/needer of help. You are in my thoughts & prayers constantly these days – knowing (or suspecting) in my heart what you may be going through. If I were there, I would wholeheartedly give you respite for your weary soul, my precious sister 🙏🏻❤️

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    1. Kathy: My arms would never be too tired to give you a BIG HUG! I realize that at times that prideful self says, “No need to ask.” The temptation is to listen and follow through with whatever I’m attempting to go solo at. But the amazing beauty of friendship is the “uplifting” help and encouragement that accompanies the gestures. God is just good that way.


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