Lift Your Spirit

Friend, I’ll be first to raise my hand here to admit that when I first laid my eyes on the title of this song … I was ready to run in the opposite direction. There’s something about the word: broken … I just don’t want to feel that or experience anything more along that trail.

But when the Lord of Hosts … sits with me … and shows me the people that have gone before me and their walks with Him … that’s a humbling moment for me to embrace.

In recent days, in my times of just asking GOD why certain things are the way they are and ‘how do I fit into all this,’ and on and on and on … He opened my eyes to the miraculous.

Life of people like Moses, who didn’t question Him and simply rose to the occasion and went with Him. GOD said, ‘I’ll show you, Abram … where I want you to go … as you go.’ My paraphrase of the event but nonetheless, Abram obeyed. Noah, who had no idea his obedience would span 120 years of working on a project that made absolutely no sense to an entire generation. And yet he hammered away. Moses showed up for work for 40 years thinking that he would retire from the same old job as a shepherd in obscurity. Until GOD ignited the embers of his assignment and set ablaze a profound journey. Hadassah had no choice but to enter royalty and was then given the choice to make a sacrificial decision that could cost her life. But for the sake of others, she trusted her GOD.

All of these heroes of the faith — they were unknowingly chosen before the foundations of the earth, to walk a journey with their Creator GOD and to impact those of us who read about them and herald them as robust champions. Yet, they like we, had no clue that they would be gracefully broken in order to fulfill their calling.

It’s in the surrender, Sister.

Let this worshipful reminder, Friend, set your heart on fire for the holy assignment that has your name on it.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Tasha Cobbs Leonard for this.

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