Thirty-Seconds Thursday

Whether your local church is online or in-person, chances are there are people behind the scenes that make it a pleasant experience. Most of those people are overlooked. They are not known to exist in the positions that they fill, but they seek to fill your experience with comfort so that you will return. The volunteer that folds the bulletin, sets out your favorite donuts, makes sure there’s enough coffee to go around, welcomes your toddler into their cozy spot, cleans the carpet you walk on, disinfects all the common places and surfaces and empties the trash at the end of the day. The smile that greets you at the front door and waves at you as you exit the parking lot … the moderator in the chat who personally responds to you as you type your ‘amen’ and click your favorite emoji’s, Yes, that person. And in many cases, we didn’t even know they fill the role we take for granted.

The beloved church volunteer can be in a very lonely place in your local church if they’re forgotten or not appreciated. With the expectation on the one delivering the sermon message for the day and the musical worship team receiving instantaneous praise, your chair folding front door greeter is often the last one to be recognized. And when you think about all that you bring to church, from your family members to your friends and neighbors, we truly need to thank GOD for the services of all who give their time in love.

So, as we begin to look forward to the church service this weekend, can we take a thirty-second praise break to intercede for our local church volunteers? And when we see them in person (or even online) let’s make an intentional effort to extend personal and genuine gratitude towards them.

“Lord, we lift up these saints behind the scenes who give of themselves on days that the rest of us kick back and relax. For all the work that they do in Your Name, and for the sake of making it a place where Your People can gather feeling loved and invited, we ask for Your special blessing upon them. These precious ones offer their time on behalf of so many that they do not know personally, yet will one day be celebrating around Your Throne. Please blanket them in love, renew and rejuvenate them for the work they must do in their own homes and in their workplaces. Protect them and grant them rest and peace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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