Lift Your Spirit

There’s just something about hearing this song in the language of the people through whom Jesus came. Melts my ❤️ every time I listen.

We joyfully sing and beckon Him to ‘Come!’ Yet, are we ready for what that entails? Are we prepared for Him to return again? He came the first time and was not so welcomed by His Own. They were looking for someone to do what they thought was needed, to bring relief for the striving in humanity — to bring about a worldly peace.

But as the song declares that this One to come, this One we urge and plea to settle all injustice and turn things right side up … He would set us free from a different darkness, a place we don’t view as relevant or important, yet … it is far more impactful than our minds can comprehend.

Emmanuel … GOD with us. We are not worthy to have Him in our midst, but out of pure love He came. He entered this fallen place through the most humble of means, among those who were considered the lowest of society. From the start, He came to live among the common folk, you and I.

As you listen to this song as it is presented here, may you find yourself in a posture of utmost worship. If you share in His Promise of being called His Own, rest in the assurance that He is forever with you.

And know that He keeps His Promises. He is coming back.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Joshua Aaron for this.

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