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“When Strivings Cease” by Ruth Chou Simons

Having the privilege to read a book and do the Bible Study that accompanies it along side of the author in a not-so-small-group setting … that doesn’t happen very often. So, this was a real treat!

Ruth Chou Simons speaks and teaches from a place of grace — the grace found in Jesus Christ. And that is precisely what this book is founded upon. Ruth walks you through her own personal experience of Jesus and His amazing grace. But going deeper, Ruth challenges her reader to examine her behavior and responses in light of His transforming grace. And this is where she got me.

Throughout this book and Bible Study I found myself just having to take a breath, exhale and pray — because it touched my core. For the people-pleasing nature within me that is bent on perfection in everything I place my hand to do, I have been humbled by the simple truth that I am not completed by anything I ‘accomplish,’ but rather by the enormity of GOD’s Grace. He completes me — and there is no need for additional help on my part.

I literally wept at numerous places while reading — because I came undone. Once I soaked in the truth of GOD’s Word on the matter, I was able to turn the page. And I don’t say these things to paint drama but to draw out by what traps and false beliefs we are taken captive. Seemingly ‘harmless’ things. Yet, anything other than the Savior or anything added to Him is anathema.

When you pick up this book, grab the study guide as well so that you have access to the online teachings from Ruth. You will be happy you did. I know I am.

Thank you, Ruth, for coming alongside me when you did in this study (you didn’t even know the impact and impression you’ve left on me) and being transparent in your live appearances.

You are dearly loved to Heaven and Back, Ruth, and hopefully when you’re down here in SoCal again we can share Boba or Phò together.

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