Lift Your Spirit

Worship is not something relegated to the confines of a building or room regarded as sacred. Worship is what we do with our lives on a daily basis.

Let that sink in. Then think about how we typically separate the two activities.



Why is that? Where did we think that we are some kind of created being with a duality to our design? Maybe we’ve become accustomed to believing that there’s the spiritual side of us and then there’s the non-spiritual side of us.

So, let me ask this question: Where’s the switch? You know … the switch that flips when we want to be this way or that? Sound strange now?

How do we perceive ourselves? After all, if we are created beings and image bearers of the One Whose design we “wear,” do we consider ourselves spirit beings in flesh? Or, do we consider ourselves flesh beings that contain a spirit? Something to think about as you listen to this powerful song.

Do we then worship to live, or live to worship?

I’ve learned that our lives are a display of how we worship GOD — or not worship GOD. Which then takes us back to: do we worship to live or live to worship? Remember, it might also point to the answer that beholds how we perceive worship in the typical “formal churchy” sense … sanctuary, building, room … wearing special clothes … saying certain Christianese words and phrases — maybe even memorized ones that were penned by other human beings … in a prescribed physical posture (standing, sitting, kneeling, arms raised, hands folded, head raised, head bowed) …

Perhaps we need to quiet ourselves to have a serious conversation with GOD — yes, a two-way conversation whereby we listen more than we speak — in order to find out where we are in all of this. It wouldn’t be anything strange or weird. In fact, as I understand it, it’s called prayer.

At the very least, it would cause us to be transparent with GOD, honest with ourselves, and hold us accountable for our thoughts and behavior. He already knows what you’re thinking, yet, part of me thinks that your Heavenly Father would like to personally hear your voice directed specifically towards Him. Dialogue. Not a monologue.

Time to get the conversation going and settle into Who created us and why.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Elevation Rhythm | Tiffany Hudson for this.

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