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“Out of the Cave” – Stepping Into The Light When Depression Darkens What You See

by Pastor, author and speaker: Chris Hodges

They say that you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. And quite honestly, sometimes we need those who have gone before us in their walk to help us see those things that we do not, so that we, too, can acknowledge them.

This is that book that will get you to start walking in that healthy direction.

Please don’t make the mistake of expecting some profound self-help formula, heralded by experts in the known world. This is not about self-help. However, it is about helping yourself to reach out to those whose professional and spiritual calling and life’s work will lead you in the direction of beginning to heal.

This is about seeing who you are because of Whose you are. Sound familiar? That is where your story begins.

I invite you to take the journey through this book, which is full of real life experiences, difficulties encapsulated within them, struggles that were forged through with the right kind of strength and courage and the Hope that will get you through the next situation. Because Hope is not wishful thinking. Hope has a Name: Jesus.

First things first: coming out of your cave requires that you admit that you are in one.

If you wrestle with this first step, it’s time …

“Chris Hodges, your warm and inviting nature gives way to some of the most meaningful conversations. Reading your book and watching the companion video teaching series opened my eyes to being more transparent with myself — and GOD. And that is where the first steps of cave dwelling began to move from being hidden to moving towards the Light. Thank you, for this message of hope and restoration. Truly a blessing.”

You are indeed loved to Heaven and Back ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

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