Reading Digest: “He Had to Go There – the Multicultural Mandate” by Pastor Rae Orozco

“He Had to Go There – the Multicultural Mandate” by Pastor Rae Orozco

After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. Revelation 7:9 NLT

” ,.. from every nation and tribe and people and language …” I researched over twenty different Bible translations and either the word every or all is used in this verse to declare inclusivity of every person, regardless of ethnic origin.

Interesting that GOD launched the inclusiveness campaign long before man blew his horn.

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19 NLT

” … go and make disciples of all the nations …” And in His parting words to the faithful followers in His small circle of friends He reiterates the Father’s commands.

In her latest book, Pastor Rae Orozco emphatically reminds us of this great commission to all who proclaim allegiance to the Savior. We are instructed to live, breathe, think and disciple as one people — because we are one Church.

This is not to say that we lose our cultural giftedness, but that we embrace it by obeying and honoring the Creator GOD Who made us all one in Him for His purpose and glory. Our unique backgrounds are an outward reminder that GOD loves variety. We are intentionally graced with beauty that could only have its origins in the Hands of a Master Artist. And as we are Image Bearers, it goes without saying that GOD designed us to reflect Him from both the inside and outside.

He had to go through Samaria on the way. John 4:4 NLT

Yes, Jesus crossed the lines of social protocols. GOD does that. To us, we think He’s being counterintuitive. But in GOD’s economy of people and salvation, His love goes there — for you and for me. He’s willing to perform what many would consider to be outlandish and absurd, even preposterous. He’s willing to touch the untouchable, embrace the unloveable, and heal the one who has cursed Him. Yes, that’s what love does.

When was it considered acceptable to filter out those who don’t look like, speak like, dress like, eat like us? Is not the church comprised of former villains to the faith and were we not all in that lineup? Did we not all need the Savior because we were such a hot mess, regardless of our mother tongue, place of origin, economic status or religious academia?

Scripture reminds us of the most profound conversations between Jesus and the religious leaders of His day. They had issues with His level of acceptance. Jesus seemed to welcome anyone who was seeking GOD with their whole heart. And they were a motley bunch of prostitutes, criminals, swindlers and con-artists, the destitute, orphaned, widowed and forgotten, the transient, addicted, low-to-no-income …

Jesus went there. And He calls us to do likewise. Tear down the walls of our hearts to get to the brokenhearted. Demolish the ideologies that have kept people out, isolated and divided. To make all nations His Disciples on His terms — not ours.

This book is just the start. If you are willing to go there, it will thrust you into a place of obedience and humility. If you dare to follow the Savior, He will trust you with phenomenal opportunities to bless others, draw them into relationship with their Creator GOD and you will have the sheer joy to experience being part of the journey of change.

This book has touched me and I am sure it will transform the way you think about going there.

Two words: Go there.

“Pastor Rae, I must say that I have found a woman who not only preaches with the fervor and tenacity worthy to carry the Gospel, but a true Woman of GOD that is as sincere as she is fiercely passionate about the Gift given to her. Keep preaching, teaching and writing. You hold the torch that will light the way for many to walk. And I am so blessed to have been able to say I met you this side of Paradise. Keep going there, Pastor Rae!”

You are loved to Heaven and Back, my (new) Friend ~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

Pastor Rae Orozco is currently the Lead Pastor of Grace Culture Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Previously she pastored a multicultural, multiethnic congregation which grew from 300 (most white) people to a diverse congregation of over 2,000. She was named “Woman of Influence” by the city of Tucson, Arizona for her impactful work in the community. She is a widely sought after speaker on women in positional leadership and multicultural ministry. She also serves as mentor to young ministers and consults for churches and organizations internationally. Pastor Rae received her honorary Doctorate of Theology from LifePoint Christian University, is an ordained minister in the Church of God, and serves on the Task Force for Church Health for the Church of God.

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