“What Would You Tell Her?”

If you could go back in time and speak with ‘your younger self,’ what advice would you give her?

I posted this question on Facebook and received some very interesting responses.  There were some responses that I’m sure were really hard to put to ‘print,’ because they resonated with past ache and pain that left deep wounds ~~ some wounds that have yet to heal.  Some responses sounded like the warning sign at the railroad crossing, especially the one that said, “Don’t marry your first husband!”  Some responses contained a bare all, unveiled conversation with the ‘younger self’ that urged her to have her priorities in place before adventuring into relationships and business deals.  In most responses, there were the scars of life lessons learned.  ‘Oh, if only I knew,’ was the theme song of many women. 

How do YOU answer this question?  What advice would YOU give your younger self?


    1. Christy ~~ Oh, I can ‘high five’ your response, Girlfriend! It was such the ‘thing’ to do when we were so young, right? We thought we were ‘invincible’ and the world revolved around our every need. ‘Sigh!’ To enforce and encourage ~~ “YOU are VALUABLE to GOD!” May have prevented some of my life’s wrong decisions. But Lesson Learned, and that’s why we work for the next generation ~~ ‘the ones coming up behind me (us).’ Thank you for sharing your heart, Christy!


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