“Love In Motion.”


The Grace of GOD reaches out to more and more people ~~ through you and through me.

If you really stop to consider this, Girlfriend, it’s truly a Blessing to be a partaker in such an endeavor ~~ allowing GOD to use you to draw others closer to Himself ~~ it’s an honor to be chosen by a holy GOD for a holy purpose.

I’m one who can appreciate the “unspoken sermons.”  The kind that are lived out in day-to-day life.  That’s where I have found the best lessons ~~ in lifestyles and relationships.  I can glean some genuine advice from simple observation of how people live in Christ.  And I am so inspired!

Girlfriends who have just as much to wrestle and struggle with in their personal lives ~~ some who have so much to juggle between family responsibilities, work duties, church ministries ~~ and yet they can still find the opportunity to reach out to others in love.  Yes, these are the things that changed my stinking thinking years ago.

It wasn’t so much the sermons from Sunday morning pulpits ~~ it was in the actual demonstration of love in motion that won me over to a life of  giving and receiving authentic love.  This was how I learned what it is like to be in fellowship with other believers ~~ other Sisters-in-Christ.  

And while things don’t always go perfectly as planned, I still continue to learn and develop and grow.  Because others reached out with the grace of GOD, He receives more glory.

I’m thankful this day for all of these faithful Jesus Followers in my life ~~ “you’ve all contributed to my walk and talk, and I pray that I give out to others as you all have given to me ~~ so that GOD may be glorified!”

Happy Thanksgiving, Girlfriend!


T2T Visionary

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  1. Oh Lord! How I thank You for how You are using me to touch others lives, for I know that it is totally and completely. I thank You for how You speak to me and encourage me through my dear Girlfriend’s blog! šŸ™Œ
    Love you my dear Girlfriend!


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