“E is for Effort.”

The Apostle Peter beckons all Jesus Followers to make every effort to be found living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless.  My eyes find a few treasures in this tiny verse.  Pull up a seat, Girlfriend, and let’s dig, shall we?

I remember learning about effort in elementary school.  The teacher encouraged us to “try” to accomplish simple tasks and duties in the classroom.  Some kids would whine and moan and groan ~~ some would even ask the teacher “why?”  

As time went on, and “homework” would be assigned, the teacher would continue to encourage us and motivate us to “try” to do our best on our assignments.

I found this “odd.”  The household I grew up in had already prepared me for making an effort in all the school work, whether it was in the classroom or assigned for home.  I can remember wondering how these kids could possibly ask “why” when being told to do something.  Mama taught us not to question authority; so I simply obeyed and thought everyone else understood obedience in the same manner.  


It struck me that anyone would refuse to make an effort to do or be their very best.  My young mind thought that only the crazy and insane ones would outright refuse to strive for excellence.  

As an adult, I find that I have choices to make in life.  And quite honestly, Girlfriend, sometimes I’m just plain exhausted and so worn out that I start to whine and ask: “do I have to?”   Grin.
I can choose to live my life full throttle and ignited for The Lord, yielding everything He’s given me to His Will, and be found living a peaceful life that is pure and blameless in His sight.

Or …..

I can recline into my comfy corner and whine about how hard life is and the impossibility to live up to God’s high standards and expectations ~~ after all, we can’t be perfect on earth!  And on and on and on … 

But the Apostle Peter admonishes us here by giving us the directive to make every effort to live this way: peaceful, pure, and blameless.  My tiny brain says that if God gives us a directive, it’s not an impossibility.  I simply have to try.

Yes, the temptations are great ~~ there are more distractions today than there have been in the past.  The Internet and cyberspace have a sneaky way of entrapping us for hours, especially via social media.  Technology opens doors that shouldn’t be opened and can draw us into the wrong activity if we are not walking through life fully conscious when making our decisions.  Subliminal suggestions in visual and printed media can lure us away from pure and blameless living.  So we must make every effort to avoid the wrong company and involvement in the world’s activities. 

Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. 

The Apostle Matthew also says seek the Kingdom of God above all else  ~~ I don’t know about you, Girlfriend, but my eyes see more effort being expected of us here, too!  It’s literally impossible to seek after something from a recline position ~~ we have to “get in there.”  And again, the directive to live righteously calls us out to be all out for God.

Whenever God draws my eyes to something, it’s always for a learning purpose.  I cannot escape this one.  It’s a subtle reminder that I must make every effort ~~ and effort comes from deep within the heart and soul of an individual, effort cannot be faked or shine under false pretenses.  

Effort is energy exerted through a conscious decision to accomplish something even if the rest of the world beckons you to retreat and relax.

 The tug is strong to retreat and create all kinds of excuses ~~ but the strength that God promises to deliver so that you and I can live a peaceful, pure, and blameless life is greater than any tug that the world can have on you or on me ~~ we just have to make every effort to go there.

Are you willing to go there, Girlfriend?  Let’s make every effort, shall we?  To live this life in the manner which Christ would not be ashamed to call us His Own.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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  1. WOWWWW!!


    Linda, thank you for being persistent and for writing!!!!

    Christy Caprine 714-235-5162 – c Coming TOGETHER is a beginning, Keeping TOGETHER is progress, Working TOGETHER is SUCCESS.




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