“The Pause Button”

Girlfriend, have you ever felt like reaching over to hit THAT pause button in life? You know, the one that could just freeze frame the precious moment you’re presently standing in ~~ even if only to soak in and get lost in the experience ~~ to be able to savour a space in time ~~ for just a few breaths longer?

I’ve been living that feeling for nearly a month now, as I inhale every moment with my new granddaughter, Zoë Sophia …

I’ve prayed over her teeny little body and asked God to lead and protect her. For those of you with children and grandchildren several miles away, I know you can relate ~~ when I return home, I will be 3,000+ miles from that baby Girl. And the mere thought of it all leaves me teary-eyed every time I consider it!

So that pause button has been struck many times in these recent weeks ~~ even if it’s a button known only to “Lōlie” (my grandma name) ~~ nonetheless, I’ve banged on it hard and long, now that my last week is in countdown mode. I detest the sound of that clock ~~ seems to tick louder with each passing day.

My purpose was to not only come and be supportive to new parents, and to give them rest and a chance to figure things out for themselves as a family unit ~~ but to become part of Zoë’s life ~~ she now begins the lineage of those coming up behind me in the second tree branch.

But the pause button didn’t “freeze” the moments ~~ rather, it gave me the sweet opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of God and the life experiences He had Blessed upon me ~~ all of them ~~ good, bad, and ugly ~~ to grow me into the Lōlie He wanted Zoë to have.

Thank you, Lord, I get it.

To allow me to minister to my daughter ~~ to uplift her and encourage her into becoming the mama she wants to be. 

I’ve learned to allow The Holy Spirit to hit the pause button on my mouth, too ~~ to open the door to young and inexperienced parents ~~ so that we are able to continue to communicate with love.

Thank you, Lord, I get it.

Yes, the pause button has been “pressed” ~~ on my heart and soul ~~ by the very One Who created them. He has “(im)pressed” it with respect and love ~~ elements that flow from wanting to do the right things for others ~~ even when it means you do things that you don’t want to. Like leave and travel 3,000 miles in the other direction.

In hind sight, I thank my God for all that He has taught me and brought me through. And I’ve come to realize that the Almighty Pause Button has its purpose on me to recall His Goodness and Mercy on my life.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

Happy Thanksgiving to y’all! (I’m in Georgia)


T2T Visionary 

1 Comment

  1. What an awesome season to be in! Now that your kids are grown, to love and pray for your grandchild! What a huge blessing!
    She is beautiful Linda!! What a little bundle of Joy! She’s so blessed to have you! She’ll be covered in prayer more than she knows. Sending love from Cali!


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