“Waiting To Be Remembered.”

Genesis 40:14 And please remember me and do me a favor when things go well for you. Mention me to Pharaoh, so he might let me out of this place. 

Feeling like you’ve been forgotten can sometimes be more painful than being flat out rejected.  Can anyone relate?  At least when you’ve been rejected, you are confronted with an actual answer, even though that answer is “no.”

But when you’ve been forgotten, the additional element of having been “absent” in the mind(s) of those who could very well have been instrumental in positive outcomes for you ~~ well, that’s just distasteful!  And it stings.

Joseph must have felt as though God had forgotten him at some point of his waiting journey ~~ while although, Joseph clung to God’s commands and maintained his integrity, I have a feeling that he may have grown somewhat “exhausted” over the years.  With each disappointing turn of events, Joseph must have exhaled and inhaled all into the next course of circumstances.

As I study more about this waiting journey that Joseph was on, I cannot help but reflect upon my own journey of waiting to be remembered.

For Joseph, it was over 17 years of waiting upon God’s Promises.  This is humbling in comparison to my mere 5+ years. And I’ve never had to experience the hardship of imprisonment.  Yes, I appreciate you, Joseph, for demonstrating that waiting CAN be lengthy but God does provide the strength to go the distance.

Girlfriend ~~ what are you waiting upon the Lord for this day?  I know it must feel like an eternity ~~ in this instantaneous microwave world we now live in.  Those dreams and desires that He has placed in your heart ~~ He will see them to fruition ~~ that’s why He entrusts you with them and the skills set He’s blessed you with to use them.

I have found that along this journey are the milestones of character development and growing pains that accompany that.  As I reflect back on the stepping stones God has placed for me to land upon over the years, each step took me one step closer ~~ to Him.

It has been a journey of trust.  I still wait ~~ and I continue to trust. 

But God is Faithful.  I know you’ve heard people say, “in His Timing.”  And honestly, it doesn’t soothe the pains of being in the waiting room.  But knowing that He has never forgotten me ~~ now that’s worth everything!

Hold on to His dreams for you, Girlfriend ~~ He is true to His Word.

I love you to Heaven and Back ~~


T2T Visionary 

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